Choosing the right broker is the foremost step towards having a successful investing career.   But if you don’t know much about the brokers and the choices you have then you must do some homework in advance. TheMOR you know about the options, the better you can invest in the stock marketing.

Before you go any further it is important for you to know that one of the main requirements for investing in stocks is to have a broking account. Many people feel that there is no difference between one broker and the other. It is not at all true.  To find the right broker is not convenient. The finest approach is to make a list of amenities you want from your broker.   Whether Discount Brokers or full time brokers, you can make the right choice with proper knowledge. Don’t forget to skip the following points.

What is the cost?

It is important that you consider the commissions and other charges that broking companies charge. But there is no need to over-emphasise the point. Similarly, understand the facilities offered. All brokerage houses encompass at least two plans. One is generally for intra-day traders and the other one is more suitable for that of long-term investors.

Check out the Minimum Trades

Check if there is any clause or sub clause about minimum trades that you shall have to do as well as the penalty for not obeying with the requirement. 3-in-1 accounts are available with a savings account. In such a situation, some banks have rules about least balance. You have to keep this thing in mind before you proceed with any brokers. Once you check out these things there would be hardly any scope of you making any mistakes.

Mutual funds and other types of investment options

In case you would like to buy and sell mutual funds through your brokerage account, it is time that you look into the funds that the brokerage has tied up with and also the services it caters. In case you want to invest in options, exchange-traded funds, or that of ETFs, or fixed deposits, ask if the brokerage caters these products. The price of these services should also be looked into. For example, discount or online brokers do not cater such facilities, but full-service brokers do. Some full-service brokers might not cater products of all asset management companies or even AMCs.

Research Reports

You know what most full-service brokerages also cater research services. These permit investors to read analysts’ reports on business or sectors of interest or access information on companies. See if you require these services, as these could help you take better decisions on purchasing and selling stocks and mutual funds.  Certainly once you have proper knowledge about a company you would be in a better position to take a decision regarding brokers.


Thus, once you keep these things in mind, you can make a better choice. And again, if you have any doubts about anything you can always talk to professionals and they might help you in making the right decisions.

Olivia Wilson is a digital nomad and founder of Todays Past. She travels the world while freelancing & blogging. She has over 5 years of experience in the field with multiple awards. She enjoys pie, as should all right-thinking people.

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