In order to perform juicing operation on a consistent basis for preparing juice on larger quantities, commercial juicer machine India is extensively used in restaurants, juice centers and some other places where the juice is served continuously and is sold in larger quantities.

Commercial juicers are designed for better yield of juice from various categories of fruits. A typical commercial juicer would have adequate capacity of an electric motor that would drive the cutting blades in the working chamber of the juicer. The cutting blades will rotate at very high speeds making small shreds of the fruits fed through a hopper and a plunger to push the pieces of fruits towards the cutting blades. The faster revolution of blades makes smaller pieces or shreds of the fruits and they are forced against an inclined strainer, taking the juice produces in the downward direction and the fibrous part of the fruit in terms of waste pulp to the detachable container, in which the waste pulp will be stored. This container can be taken out, emptied and cleaned and replaced. Juice will flow to the downward direction due to gravity and would be collected in a vessel kept beneath the outlet chute.

Blending machine manufacturers design and manufacture blenders in various capacities, to suit the particular requirement of various restaurants, juice parlors and even big families that consume fruit juices in larger quantities on daily basis. The capacity of the blending machine is mentioned according to the wattage of the motor used for revolving the blades at higher speeds.

Blending machine can be used for various applications. The blending machine contains a revolving blade attached to a handle. The motor is housed in the handle carrying an on-off switch, which can be easily operated by a finger. The blade is alterable and there are many designs of blades including flat circular blades or longitudinal blades that revolve around their own axis. The blade can be directly placed inside the mixture that needs to be blended. The best example of mixing operation using a blender would be the simple mixture of egg bulk, pieces of onions, tomatoes, chili powder and salt that are used for making an egg-omelet. The ingredients are mixed thoroughly and uniformly when we blend the mixture using an electric blending machine. The blade revolves in the container carrying various ingredients to be mixed and correctly mixes all the ingredients to turn them into uniform density pastes.

Another important application of electric blender is making buttermilk blending the curds and the cream. Homemakers use an electric blender with a flat circular blade that revolves at a controlled speed. The blending action of the blade whirls the curds and the cream thoroughly. The user can insert the blender in the vessel that carries curd. After some rounds of blending, the buttermilk would be ready in the same vessel and the user would get butter floating in the buttermilk. Thus a tedious and time-consuming task is simplified by use of an electric blender.

Various kitchen appliances make various cooking processes very easy and convenient.

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