The estate planning serves the realization of your wishes for the succession of assets after your death. However, the planning of the estate does not only include anticipatory formations in a testament, but also precaution during his lifetime, in order to create a dispute-free total solution.

Adjustment of Company Agreements and Powers of Attorney

These include measures of the “anticipated succession”, in particular donations, but also proper organization of company agreements, which also take account of the death. Within the framework of gifts, one can also think about life insurance. Here, too, there are different design possibilities.

In the case of succession planning, questions of inheritance and gift tax are also to be considered. Equally important are powers of attorney and other precautionary measures in the event of death. In a broader sense, the planning of the estate also includes powers such as precautionary powers and the provision of care in the event that one can no longer decide for himself at the time of life.

Possibilities for Designing the Estate Design in the Will Contract

A last-minute order (testament or inheritance agreement) often serves to change the legal succession. There are, however, other last-minute injunctions of the testator who do not lead to a change in the legal succession.

Empowerment and Care in the Estate Planning

Finally, it is important to think about sufficient powers of attorney as part of the planning of the estate. A power of authority beyond the death helps to bridge the time until whoever is a heir or until a will has taken office. Please refer to the following instructions:

  • Exemption of the authorized representative from the obligation to settle by contract
  • Account authorization

Consequently, the planning of the estate is quite demanding and should therefore be tackled in the ideal case and in case of complicated inheritance cases in cooperation with an attorney, notary or other experts on inheritance matters.

Estate Planning Should Cover all Eras

As a matter of principle, the estate planning covers all aspects of the asset transfer and is thus intensively concerned with the issue of inheritance. This is unpleasant to many people; after all, no one likes to think about his own death and the inheritance. It is advisable to take appropriate precautions beforehand. Especially if one is the sole or main earner of the family, one should not be frightened by a solid estate planning. At any time, an accident can occur or suddenly become ill. If your life is in danger, you should not worry about your partner and the children. There are many effective modes of making their life secure in future by the help of our experienced Estate planning lawyers.

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