Top Priority means something of greatest importance.  Something so important that all other work should be kept aside  to finish this work  first or to solve this problem first.

Top PR Services means service providers who  give importance to a particular job assigned to them. They can be  dealing with any kind of product , technical products , live products , medical services , social products anyting . If it is a consumer product then it requires top priority to be solved of any anomaly or any discrepancy or any breakage or ailment etc .

Top priorities can be of many kinds .

Mobile PR which will offer Mobility strategy. enterprise mobility management (EMM) and other technologies have come up  to provide help to IT departments and to enable mobile workers to address security risks. A strong acceptable use policy for employees can also contribute to a successful Mobile enterprise.

Mobility strategy. Helps businesses   transform to a digital and mobile-first enterprise through Mobile Strategy Consulting services ,which manage to help enterprises in the convergence of Software, Data, Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Connected Devices to provide   excellence in businesses PR firms .

Creating disruption by quickly transforming products and services, and ptimizing operations to manage the cultural and competitive challenges, compete, lead and grow in the market is called Digital transformation.

  • One such open source real-time communication application that brings people together is Web RTC Supported by HTML 5 and Java script . It can be easily setup within the web browser. This browser application  enabling video conferencing, video recording, live streaming, voice calling and p2p sharing.Video based capabilities have been revolutionised As web browser has become a multimedia end point. Web RTC API’s provide communications to browsers and mobile application in real-time. Objet RTC(ORTC)API for Web RTC. Enables mobile endpoints to talk via native and simple Java script API’s to server

And web browsers with Real Time Communication (RTC)capabilities.

One can

  • Optimize the user experience
  • Deliver extraordinary impact at the point of interaction
  • Accelerate and transform enterprise mobility

With mobile software  delivered from the cloud to any device

With the smartphones and tablets on an increase in numbers the ability to receive context based data has improved considerably But in order to provide delivery we will need to enhance  existing backend system  Near-instant data access and retrieval based on location, timing or virtually any other variable required for context are allowed by  always-on mobile devices..There is perfect integration of such devices with a communication strategy which is unified. And this  allows  employees to be contacted via any channel, any place, any time. Wearable technologies like Google Glass and the Apple Watch also offer new ways to deliver to mobile employees context-sensitive data., Though the use of such technologies is not so common today but where small amounts of data is to be provided and in a short time they would even beat smartphones and tablets. All mobile device chosen will require  custom apps designed to forward best present information to the user. The  processing and display limitations of the chosen mobile devices.will be properly optimised by these apps.

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