Past few days ago, I got a call from my dear friend and he asked about the family mediator. The reason was, he and her wife are getting separated from each other. But, the things were not complex in between them. The reason for divorce was the lesser and lesser communication. So, I told them about the mediation and mediation process, so that they can either solve the conflicts or reach on a decision.

A mediator is also known as the negotiator who negotiates between the parties. A mediator must understand the need of both the parties in order to negotiate neutrally and fairly among the parties. A mediator must be having a certain set of skills such as persistence, creativity, flexibility, tolerance, patience, good listening skills as well as empathetic and ability to deal and solve the difficult conflicts. A mediator should never give his/her own opinions in between the parties because it can also increase the risk of communication the issues.

A mediator starts the mediation process by sitting with both the parties and listening to their issues. After this, he will do his best to narrow down the issues between them. Once he narrows the scope of issues between both the parties, now he will sit separately with both the parties. In order to know the point of view of both the parties, he needs to sit with both of them separately. The name of a separate meeting is a caucus in which the mediator challenges the points of the one party, which he can’t challenge in front of the other party.

A family mediator can never take the side of the other party no matter how strong their opinion is. If he will take the side of the other party in front of the one party, the mediator can be considered as partial. A mediator is supposed to be equal to both the parties; otherwise, the things can get worse and out of their hands. There is no doubt whether the mediation will work or not. Always remember, the mediation doesn’t work in the places where the parties don’t want to solve their conflicts in any case. So, if they don’t want to solve their issues then nobody can help them out.

A Farnborough family mediation is basically a process that helps both the parties to reach a decision easily. But sometimes, the issues and conflicts are so strong that make things just impossible. So, the role of family resistor comes in who can give his own opinion to them but the end decision will be left for both the parties. Here, they will decide whether they want to solve their issues or they want to go to court.

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