If you are a parent of a child and if you want to get divorced with your potential partner then the future of your child will be at sake. Whether you want to have the child with you or you do not want him then you should hire the mediator. Always bear in your mind that mediation is possible before the courtroom process. If you have entered the courtroom then you cannot go for the mediation. As per the last year reports, the parents have refused to get divorced during the mediation process. A mediator will neither work for the betterment of your partner, nor he will work for you, but a mediator will help both the partners to reach a compromised decision. After the mediation, a mediator will make an agreement according to you. A mediator will give the agreement to thejudge in the courtroom and the judge will give a final decision. Even if the decision is against each other then also the mediator will give the agreement and recommend it to the judge. In most of the cases, a judge also asks for the mediation before the courtroom process so as ensure the transparency while hearing.

If you are engaging in the mediation, try to open your mind and make your mind to compromise. In most of the cases, the mediation is confidential and a mediator will never open up anything during the hearing in the courtroom. It is the only reason why both the partners can speak up their heart during the mediation. But when the mediator will explain the things to the judge then some of the information can be divulged. Before going to the mediation, it is an important thing to clearly know what exactly the mediation is and how the medication works for the betterment of both the partners.

Some people usually compare mediator and a lawyer but both are a different person. Both works in an absolutely different way and their approach is also different. A mediator will make things transparent and will work in order to resolve the issues. On the other hand, a lawyer will work in favor of his client. He will do anything to make the client win. A mediator has the superpower to resolve the issues but a lawyer does not have it.

During Family Mediation Service Leeds, you will know about the thinking of your partner. You will get to know why your partner wants to break up and live apart. So, if you think that there is no big issue then you can drop the idea of getting divorced.

If you will go to the courtroom without the mediation then you will have to spend a lot of time in the courtroom but if you will go through the mediation then you can save a lot of money because you will have to spend lesser time in the courtroom.

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