A safari will probably be the best trip that you will ever have. It guarantees lots of adventure, fun and excitement. In between all this madness, you must not forget the safety of you and your fellow travellers. Especially, when you are travelling with your family, you will be responsible of your safety. There are certain things that you are allowed to do in a safari and many things that you are not allowed to do. Read the to-do and not-to-do lists carefully before going on a safari. Because, a wild safari is not like just another trip you are doing. It is the most dangerous, yet most rewarding journey.

Here are some things that you must never dare to do on your safari journey –

Ignoring your guide –

Never ever ignore what your driver or guides tell you. They have been there and seen it all. They will know how the wild animals behave as well as how the forest is. So, always respect their words. If they tell you to not get down from your vehicle, you must not get down. If they tell you to not leave the safari tents during the night, you listen to that. Ignoring warnings with the greed of spotting few animals or taking cool picture will make you the lunch of some wild animal.

Straying from the camp at night –

You must know that the eyesight of the wild animals is sharper during night than yours. They will have good vision in the darkness which is the main reason to not venture out during nights. Stay in the camp where fires are lit and there is safety. The animals will not dare to come near the camp fires or tents. Also, safari tents suppliers would have sold good quality tents that cannot be harmed from outside. So, inside the tent is where you will be very safe during nights. If at all you need to go out, inform the necessary people and get protection.

Using cellphones and flashes –

Animals do not like your technology. They are not quite impressed by your flashy gadgets. So, keep them away. Switch of the phones and enjoy the view. Moreover, you will not be getting any signals in the jungle. One more reason to avoid talking on phone is to avoid irritating fellow travellers. Nothing is as annoying as a loud person speaking over his phone while you are all trying to stay silent and spot animals. Also, do not use cameras with flash because some animals hate flash lights. It is like you are calling unwanted attention from the animals.

Forgetting to keep distance –

No matter how many animals you spot, do not get carried over by excitement. Always maintain a safe distance from the animals. It is very dangerous to drive very close through a herd of animals no matter how timid they may seem. Always watch the animals from a safe distance.

If you are cautious, you will surely enjoy the stay in luxury safari tents and the wild safari.

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