Who does not get dazzled by the radiance of diamonds? Diamonds in all shapes and sizes continue to deceive us with their beauty and inconceivable sky-rocketing prices. But there is a certain privilege that is held by Pink diamonds, of being the most mesmerizing ones due to the slew of romantic emotions they nourish when people see them.

The rarity of Pink Diamonds 

Argyle Mines located in Australia are widely known for holding huge reserves of Pink Diamonds amounting to ninety per cent of total world production. But these diamonds are almost on the verge of becoming a recherché gemstone on the pretext of the fact that open excavation of the mine has been depleted transferring the operations to an underground level. The underground produce also expected to be over by 2020 leaving the future of the pink diamond page, unwritten. Value of diamonds being sold every year skyrockets to around 14 million out of which only 0.01 per cent are coloured diamonds. A minuscule percentage of 0.0001 per cent amounts to the pink diamonds that paints a clear picture of their rarity. 

Pricing of Pink Diamonds

It is widely believed that the lack of any diamond is responsible for its shooting prices. The price of pink diamonds is not determined by any linear fashion. Moreover, the prediction of closing down of Argyle mines has led to pink diamond prices escalating crazily. Prices for light fancy diamonds hover in the range of 30,000 to 100,000 dollar per carat. 

How do Pink Diamonds offer a high return on investment?

The global stock market is witnessing constant fluidity; as a result, investors have turned to other substantial options, the most popular being loose stones. Investing in diamonds reaps out an abundance of benefits because of their whimsical prices. But what makes a pink diamond so special? The answer is ‘Pink’. The colour and singularity of this diamond make it a secure buy. There are no chances of markets being inundated with them or prices being hit. Hence investing in pink diamonds, in the long run, makes up for a very sagacious decision. 

Structure of Diamonds: Colour, Cut and Shape

Similar to its colourless counterpart, pink diamonds are also formed from carbon. But the colour they get is not due to any pigment but because of the crystal lattice of the diamond being subjected to acute pressure over a considerable time. The pink colour of the diamond can be of varying shades namely faint, very light, and light, fancy light, fancy intense and fancy vivid. These diamonds are then subjected to polishing and cutting thereby giving them their intended shapes and sizes. There are a plethora of famous diamonds having unique cuts and shapes. The most famous being the oval-shaped pink cut diamond which is 60-carat diamond known as Noor-ul-Ain. More in this category is the Steinmetz pink diamond which a mixed oval in shape cut diamond, pear shape pink diamond called Rose of Dubai, the fancy intense stone which is called Graff Pink.

To sum up, Pink diamonds are a prepossessing stone enchanting the users with their brilliance, good returns on investments and overall grandeur. This clearly explains why pink diamonds will not only shine but also outshine any other gem in the coming days.

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