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The selection of best TV or choosing the new TV is not an easy or simple process. Since today large numbers of brands are available with different boasting features available in different panel sizes under the same price range. Therefore there are many parameters which must be considered for making the sound decision when buying the new TV. One must not stick themselves only to the brand name, always it is not the best choice but there are many other parameters or factors other than the brand name which must be considered. Eg: Sony Bravia, Lloyd, and Vu.

Before the purchase of the new TV, it is extremely important to decide about the placement of the TV where it is to be placed and the Television Price List In India must be considered. Either it is to be placed on the table stand or it has to be mounted on a wall. Most manufacturers ship the TV sets with the stand itself in the box or the wall mount bracket which is purchased separately. It is recommended or suggested that TV must be kept in a location where all the other devices such as game consoles, set-top box or the DVD players can be easily connected. Majority of the devices are using HDMI port for connecting to the TV for getting the best audio output and best quality video. At least 4 HDMI ports are required for TV getting connected to the high definition source thus there will be no need of changing the wires. Forgetting the best quality audio, it is best to invest in the home theatre system or can have a separate speakers system. If it is not in the budget, then there are most TVs available with commonly available audio jack or headphone.

Smart TVs are more expensive than nonsmart or normal TV, as it delivers much better viewing experiences or the overall experiences are best for the users. The internet connectivity on Television has a large number of benefits. For it is very important to have internet in the operating system for viewing the content, additional apps, games etc. For better image quality, higher resolution is the best. If the customer’s budget allows then it is best to buy 4k TV otherwise can opt for full HD screen or the HD ready TV are the cheapest but the sharpness and clarity of the images are less as compared to the full HD TV. Most commonly TV sizes which are available are 32 inch, 40 inch, 42 inch, 46 inch, 49 inch or 55 inch. For deciding about the ideal screen size of the LED TV for the best viewing experiences, it is recommended that customer must measure the distance between the place where TV is to be fitted and bed or chair or couch from where they will watch the TV. If the viewing distance is between 4ft to 6ft, then it is suggested to buy 32 inches TV, if the distance is more than 5ft to 8ft then customers can opt for 40 or 42 inches TV and if the viewing distance between 6 ft to 9 ft, then customers can opt for 46 inch or 49 inches panel. And if the viewing distance is more than 8ft, TV sets larger than 50 inches are recommended or suggested.

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