A number of young people aim to move to Delhi to have a good life. They come here in the search of jobs, establishing a new life. People come here to find their dream house, but it often happens that they are exploited by landlords who force them to up the payment after a while or threaten to evict them. Most of these people aren’t able to buy the kind of house they want and are often held back by financial limitations.

There are certain things you should keep in mind before going to buy properties in new Delhi. To begin with, remember that property is an asset just like any other asset. Their prices tend to fluctuate and go through a series of ups and downs. If you’re not sure where you want to settle down, you should rent a place so that you can get to know the city and its best and worst parts. It is important that you get your place in an ideal location that is not only near to your place of work but also to hospitals, police stations, malls, etc.

Do not choose the first place that your agent suggests to you. Take your time to go through as many properties as you can as once you lock down on a place you can’t go back. Many builders tend to tell you that the rates are going to get increased soon or that the place will be sold if you don’t agree to take it right that moment, do not fall for that. These are mere tactics that are used by the builders to ensure that they are able to seal the deal.

If you persist on waiting a little longer, you will observe that not only will the builders slash down the prices but they will also show you hidden gems that they weren’t willing to sell initially. Even your builder is human, he is bound to get tired after a certain amount of time. If you don’t fall prey to his tactics and buy the first home he pitches you, you will observe that there are many more properties that are in better localities for the same budget.

There are sample houses that consist of well-placed furniture in rooms that appear huge and well lit. Do not fall prey to this either as it is another one of their tactics. You will observe that once the builders strip the property of the sample furniture the room will appear to be much more smaller than it looked before. This happens because the furniture that the builders use is pure to market the property. The cupboards are shallow and the furniture is smaller than the normal size of furniture which gives you the illusion of being in a bigger room than you actually are in.

If your builder or agent tells you that you can take the money back if you aren’t happy with the property, do not believe him. Once your money is emptied from your pocket there are next to nil chances of you ever getting your hands back on it. They tend to confuse you with contracts and piles and piles of documents which tends to leave you flabbergasted. You hardly tend to go through all of the documents before providing your signature, which can come back to bite you later on. It is better to hire a lawyer and get your documents reviewed if possible.

Do not go merely on what the broker has told you as he will only take a second to change his word. What was spoken isn’t as relevant as what is on paper and can be held as proof. Purchasing a property is a huge step that requires a lot of time and money, do not hurry it as you want to make sure what you buy is worth every penny.

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