How Can You Comfortably Pay Kotak Credit Card Bills?


Kotak Mahindra is the ideal financial supporting bank in India. They give you privileges for shopping, dining, traveling, and entertainment. A credit card provides you rewards, gift vouchers, coupons a lot more as per your requirement. When you have a card, it gives you full power to do whatever you want to do. You can use your card for your fun, enjoyment, also have other advantages such as pay bills.

Yes, nowadays every single person has a busy schedule and don’t have time to pay bills on time, they have a rush to go to work and do other things. And the result, you can damage your credit or CIBIL score badly. That’s why Kotak bank has provided you online payment service.

Kotak credit card payment services give you reliable options, so that can pay bills without going anywhere. Firstly, need to login your ID first by using online facilities. The bank has given you net banking, mobile banking app, autopay and national electronic fund transfer option on online service and for offline you can get cash and cheque method. Let’s have a discussion one by one

Net Banking Service: If you are going to use net banking facility, then it could be easy when to have a savings account in the same bank. You just need to register your ID for net banking through their website. Open the link, fill your name, address, mobile number, email ID and 16 digit credit card number. After submission can get your User ID and Password on your registered email ID and mobile number. Now you can use your site with own Unique ID just link your net banking site to savings and pay bills on time. You can also overview your cash back, rewards, expenses and more things through this service.

Mobile Banking Application: You can get the same facility in mobile banking App like in net banking portal. You have to link your App to savings or current account and pay credit card and utility bills on time. For that, need to download mobile application on your phone and install it. After installation, you can use for paying bills from anywhere or anytime.

AutoPay Facility: This service is useful for them who have a multiple credit card and 100% chances to forget pay bills on time. That’s why Kotak bank provides you this payment service, where you can set standing instructions and link to a current account to debit automatically. After debt the money, they will send email to your inbox.

National Electronic Fund Transfer Service: When you want to pay the bill with other bank accounts then you can use NEFT service. For this facility, you just need to add your credit card number and payee account number and pay bills through NEFT service.

Now we discuss offline service, where you have a two options cash and cheque payment.

Cash Payment: For Kotak credit card payment, you need to visit the nearest bank branch and pay bills on time. After depositing cash in the bank counter, they give you one slip as a cash deposit proof. In a case, you need in future.

Cheque Payment: For this payment have to fill the blank cheque as per required field such as name, account number, payee account number and rest details, then drop to Kotak bank ATMs.

What Is The Basics Requirement Of Kotak Bank To Give Approval For Credit Card?

The general need of bank is your age and KYC should be proper and correct. You should be between 21 to 65 years. Add-on should be in 18 years age bracket and have a clear credit history. If we talk about your documents, have to submit identity proof, PAN card, address proof and income proof.

After verifying your shared documents, you can apply online for your Kotak Mahindra credit card. Just visit the bank site, select credit card section, fill full name, address and upload your documents along with application form.

You have another option that is offline, for that visit the nearest bank branch, apply physical form and after filling details drop into bank counter.

How Can You Check Kotak Credit Card Payment Details?

You can have your Kotak Mahindra credit card monthly details on your email ID the bank has shared with you after completing every month billing cycle. This bank statement can show you an overview of your spending habits if you can cross the set credit limit regularly, show you reward points and rest expenses, which you can do it through your card. It will save each an every record of yours.

This is not the end of Kotak Mahindra bank services, they also provide you customer care service to clear your all credit card related doubts, share feedback or complaints. Just need to visit the web page of the bank and can have a toll-free number, an email ID, and SMS number.

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