How Can You Make A Payment To American Express Credit Card?

Credit Card

American Express credit card issued by a bank to let people do online and offline shopping without any obstacles. This bank gives you top-level credit cards. It has a wide array of an exclusively designed credit card, which fulfills your needs and the most attractive thing about this card is a dream card for all. They provide many privileges as many cards do but AMEX card is a delight for shoppers.

AMEX credit card has various services such as online-offline shopping, paying bills, view transactions and rest-activity, which you can have but for that need to apply for the AMEX card. Before you can apply for a card, should check the KYC department from your side. An Individual should be 18 years with no previous defaulters. The applicant shows a bank regular income proof, and that part confirms your ability of repayments. The second important part is KYC, where you need to submit Identity proof which should be photo ID, recent passport size photograph, and Address proof. Make sure all documents should be self-attested.

The bank required verification when you have planning to apply for a credit card. First of all, you can point out all the key factors then apply online. Just visit the AMEX website page, fill information as per application form’s, upload self-attested documents and, submit for next process. If all information is correct, then it will take 2 to 3 weeks to receive a card.

After receiving a credit card, now you are avail to pay bills on time with using this. For that, you can register your ID for the first time to using an online payment service. After activation your ID for online services, then you feel tension free from the payment side. Just open any site such as Net Banking, Mobile Banking App, AutoPay, NEFT and also an offline payment mode.

If you can activate Net Banking service for your credit card bill payment, you need to link your American Express savings account to Net Banking site. After linking with the account can easily pay bills on time without any queue. Net banking can also, record your past and previous expenses status, that could help in your statements if you required.

Mobile Banking App is same as Net Banking site all the services are same. You just need to download App from your smartphone and install it, after installation this App you can pay bills, can view previous records, reward points, etc.

When you have a various credit card with you, then it’s possible to forget pay bills on time. Don’t worry AMEX provide you AutoPay service, in this service just set standing instruction so automatically debt amount from your American Express account and pay the all credit card bills on time, without any late fee charges.

Do you know you can pay your bills from other bank accounts with the help of National Electronic Fund Transfer service? You just need to add your credit card number to the payee account number to make the payment through NEFT.

As we can say the earlier bank will provide you offline option also, those feel uncomfortable with online service or either don’t have access to the net. But for that need to visit the AMEX bank branch and deposit cash or cheque for paying bills.

How Can You Utilise Your AMEX Credit Card For More Activities?

To make a lot of activity with your American Express credit card, login web page and check, what are the rest-activity you can use it for your benefits? American Express credit card offers attractive features, you just know about the facility and use it as per your requirements.

The Transaction Status

Those who have been using online services they know how to check own credit card expenses report because they can check through the net banking, mobile banking, and all sites. The bank statement is a tracker system for your credit card, who can track your credit limit, expenses, gift vouchers, due dates, outstanding amounts, etc. You can use it, for many purposes but prime motive should control your CIBIL score within the range otherwise cannot approve your loan application.

AMEX Customer Care Service

AMEX provides you many privileges, of course, you have doubts also. So who can immediately give you quick solution? The customer care service of AMEX, they provide you many communication modes you can pick anyone and solve the issues. Your issues related to credit card, credit features, benefits, want to share complaints anything. You just open their official page and pick a toll-free number, email ID or SMS number.

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