How Can You Properly Restore Bronze Metal Finish?

Bronze Metal Finish

Bronze d├ęcor pieces are available in almost every home. Although these look lustrous and shiny when you buy them and bring to a home, the more time these are exposed to moisture and air, these turn into duller and greener form. This is because bronze undergoes oxidation by reacting with moisture, and a greenish layer known as Patina develops over its surface. Although some people like the darkened finish, as they feel that it adds more gravity to the metal, most homeowners love to have their bronze shiny and clean. Find out how you can restore bronze metal finish properly at home.

Gather Your Stuff

First, you have to gather all the things that you require. These include:

  • Cotton gloves
  • Metal wax
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Powdered chalk
  • Toothpicks
  • Soft cloths
  • Mineral spirits

It is important to get hard metal wax, in order to polish the bronze metal finish. The best thing would be to get rid of fingerprints and dust and retain the finish.

Wear Cotton Gloves

Before you handle the bronze, wear gloves of cotton. It will keep the metal safe from the oils present in your fingers. If the bronze has not been waxed to keep it protected, it is always recommended that you should put on gloves while you handle the metal to avoid its corrosion.

Wipe The Bronze Surface

Use a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the bronze and get rid of any dust from the surface. You have to keep the bronze free of dust before you can restore the bronze metal finish.

Get Rid Of Grease

Remove grease (if any) from the surface of the bronze, by rubbing mineral spirits onto the surface. Rub a soft cloth over the whole surface in a circular fashion. Wrap a toothpick in a small cloth section, to clean the crevices. Wipe to dry the bronze surface for the restoration of bronze metal finish.

Polish The Metal Surface

Combine denatured alcohol and powdered chalk and make a thick paste. Scoop some of the paste up onto a clean cloth. Rub the paste onto the bronze surface. This will polish the metal surface and remove the small amount of rust, such as the corrosion that takes place due to oil in fingers. Rub this paste into the surface of the bronze, in a buffing motion. You may have to apply several times, based on how much the bronze is oxidized.

Dry The Metal

Wipe the rest of the paste off and use a clean cloth to completely dry the metal. Rub metal wax of hard form into the surface with a soft cloth. The bronze metal finish can be frozen with the wax, and it can prevent risks of future oxidation.

It is important to avoid cleaning the finishing of an antique piece of sculpture or object without consulting with an expert. The value of such items could be reduced if there is any damage to its surface. Given that bronze has a huge quantity of copper, it gets oxidized over a period. It becomes darker and develops a patina. The bronze metal finish can be affected by oil in hands, which can have a mildly corrosive effect. If the bronze gets aged or oxidized, you can restore it to its original finish and keep it like that. Other than the method mentioned above, you can try using lemon or vinegar to clean up the dust, grease and other stuff that have accumulated over the surface for a long time. The presence of citric acid helps these to clean your bronze metal.

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