How can you use the San Marzano Pasta Sauce in a number of ways?

How can you use the San Marzano Pasta Sauce in a number of ways

Who knows how easy it is to make the quickest meals with san marzano pasta sauce? If you still don’t know how, then we are here to guide you throughout. Mama Mia! With the yummiest dishes at your side, you are going to lick your fingers to the tip. Whether it is roasted garlic tomato sauce or any other random pasta sauce, you can simply make awesome dishes by topping it with spaghetti and other ingredients.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out how you can make quick meals with the pasta sauce or tomato basil garlic sauce.

Diets beyond pasta!

  • Eggs in Purgatory- In this quick meal, all you need to do is simmering one cup of pasta sauce in a tiny skillet and poach two eggs and add up some top with pepper and grated cheese. This tasty quick meal will melt your heart right away!
  • Spanish rice- Cook one cup of rice as per the directions written on the package. Then substitute one cup of pasta for one cup of water. Now, stir it in capers and green olives along with some green onions in a chopped form.
  •   Ratatouille- Chop the bell peppers, onion, zucchini, and eggplant and toss them with olive oil and garlic. Arrange a baking dish and add two parts of pasta sauce to one part water and cover it properly. You must bake until vegetables are tender and that too for about forty minutes and top it with fresh basil.
  • Minestrone soup- In this one, you need to heat one jar pasta sauce and add five cups of water to it. This Italian soup will be as yummy as it sounds. The finger licking recipe will sway your heart.
  • Italian meatloaf – All you need to do is pour a jar of pasta sauce of the favorite meatloaf before you start baking. The sauce along with the Italian meatloaf is definitely going to fascinate the food lovers.
  • Panini- In this wonderful recipe, all you need to do is spread some layer of your favorite pasta sauce add your favorite layer of the melty cheese on the crust of the bread and then top it with yet another slice of bread. Toast it in the Panini press or a skillet.
  • Poached cod- Pour out a jar of tomato sauce in skillet and bring it to the boil. Season it along with pepper and salt and add it to the skillet. Then you need to do is cover it and reduce the heat and simmer it one until the cod is cooked. Wait for about ten minutes for the same.

Isn’t it amazing how tomato basil garlic sauce makes every dish interesting for you?? Won’t you like to try this out? If yes, all you need to do is purchase the san marzano pasta sauce from Italian Food Store and begin adding fun to the dishes on your own. We bet, experimenting is going to take you a long way!

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