Capital First Credit Card

Capital First Credit Card: This Card Suited For All Kind Of Shopping Purposes


Those who love to do shopping and with this need extra benefits also, then a capital first credit card is the right choice. Get ready to get amazing privileges such as reward points, discounts, offers, and facilities. As SBI is the government bank, that’s why the most of customers believe in them and their offers, without any doubt.

It can beautifully design right from grocery to shopping to dining. Let’s find out features of a capital first credit card and grab the offers now.

  • On spend of Rs 2,000 in first 60 days, will get 2,000 bonus reward points
  • On Rs 100 spent on dining, movies, electronics, will get ten reward points
  • When you spend Rs 100 for all other spends, will get one reward point
  • At any petrol pump across India will get 0% fuel surcharge
  • On annual spends of Rs 1,25,000, will get 2,000 reward points
  • An annual fee Rs 499 one-time need to pay
  • Renewable fee Rs 499 per annum should pay
  • Add-on fee nil per annum

Before can apply to check the eligibility, which should be the bank’s norm. Well, 18 to 65 years for a capital first credit card and also show a few documents such as identity, address, and income. These are basic information to give instant approval.

The Best Credit Card In India: Pick Best Features After Comparison Top Five Banks

SBI Credit Card: The state bank of India is the top bank, whose interest rate per month 3.35%. Joining and annual fee starts from Rs 499 to Rs 4,999 need to pay. They can provide products for everything from individual to corporates. This can acceptable for any store an online or offline store. You can convert all the purchases into EMIs and with the easy bill facility.

HDFC Credit Card: In the private sector HDFC is the best credit card in India’s queue. Interest rate per month 3.49% needs to pay. As joining fees 1,000 to 10,000 need to pay and annual fees 1,000 to 5,000. You will get a welcome gift of airport lounge access. Exclusive reward points. On travel benefits, you can have money back facility. You will get taj epicure plus membership. And air accident cover of Rs 1 crore.

ICICI Credit Card: Interest rate per month starts from 2.49% to 3.50%. You will get lounge access, complimentary movie tickets, chip and pin security, savings on dining bills, and benefits of Ayurveda and other traditional wellness treatment.

Axis Bank Credit Card: You can enjoy complimentary lounge access at the airport. Will get exclusive airline vouchers, get discount on dining, shopping, e-commerce transactions and get cashback options.

American Express Credit Card: For the credit card in India interest rate should also important, which starts from 3.35% to 3.5% per month. Joining fees 750 to 5,000 and annual fees 1,500 to 10,000. To have this card, you should be 18 years age bracket. You have the flexibility in spending with no pre-set limit. And every time you dine out, you can get up to 30% off an additional 5% cashback at over 1200 restaurants.

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