Most Popular Tattoo Styles

Catching Up On The Most Popular Tattoo Styles


There is no definitive way to list the types of tattoos you can get. This ancient art form is one that allows your imagination to run wild. Tattoos are personal and they are an extension of our unique personalities. However, there are certain themes and techniques that you should familiarize with before you make that exciting decision of getting a tattoo.

You can find various tattoo designs on Tattoo Johnny and go deeper into the different tattoo styles and their hidden meanings. In the meantime, here are some basic tattoo descriptions to get you started on this thrilling journey.

Traditional Style Tattoos

Traditional tattoos are vibrant. Expect to be introduced to multiple colours and shades as you get inked and traditional tattoos are usually well defined with thick, bold outlines. This traditional style of tattooing owes its origin to those who explored the high seas – mainly Captain James Cook and his experiences with the natives of the Pacific islands, known for their intricate and ritualistic body art.

Watercolour Style  

The watercolour style can be considered a modern revolution, as tattooing gear got better and more sophisticated. The theme speaks for itself – instead of bold borders, the canvas of your tattoo slow fades into the rest of the skin. It is not an easy art to reproduce on human skin. Watercolour tattoos require the most skilled artists to render them perfectly. Just like traditional ‘sailor’ tattoos, the watercolour theme involves a colourful palette.

Classic Realism

This style of tattooing looks like it is straight out of art school. Imagine real-life like portraits of personalities etched on skin, reproducing even the faintest of shadows and lines faithfully. Realist tattoos look great in black and grey shades because of the intense details involved and they would make for astonishingly beautiful coloured portraits too. From spiritual personalities and rock stars to the portrait of a family member or a beloved pet, realism style tattoos work best in illustrating faces and other living forms.


Tribal-themed tattoos are a bit of a generalization but a convenient term nevertheless for those treading new waters. These involve motifs passed down generations and some of the popular ones include Polynesian, Berber and Celtic. Tribal tattoos are eye-catching and edgy while maintaining a strong and timeless identity.  The modern-age tattoo artist can also incorporate your personal motifs in a tribal template, so you can have your own signature on these popular designs.

Many, Many More Styles

New school tattoo styles blend cultural portraits and icons and showcase designs that we come across in everyday media. This quirky theme that was very popular in the 80s and 90s and today can be a good idea if you want a nostalgic element as body art.

The best artists love creating neo-traditional tattoos, a form that allows more texture and details, while the blackwork tattoo style is a universe in itself, recreating endless possibilities in just different shades of black. Other popular styles are bio-mechanical, Dotwork, geometric and American Old School.

These themes are just a scratch on the surface. Make sure that along with going home with new body art design, you are also getting inked in a safe and sterile environment.  A new tattoo is a confident addition, an external token of your innermost thoughts. Choose wisely and most importantly, have fun.


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