Check Out Apple iPhone XS Max EMI Price in India

Apple iPhone XS Max

Continuing the tradition of adding to its portfolio of iPhones, Apple recently launched iPhone XS Max, among a host of other phones. It’s a clear attempt on the part of Apple to cater to the growing needs of customers for advanced iPhones. The iPhone XS Max, for instance, has been made available in three variants – 64GB, 256GB and 512GS – at different prices.

For some, getting the iPhone is like a walk in the park. But many struggle to get it as they don’t have the savings to realize the dream of living such grandeur in reality. However, times have changed drastically in the last few years with banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) offering finance on iPhones. And, it can also happen in the case of iPhone XS Max. As the finance options would bring the EMI into the picture, there’s a need to get a clarity on Apple iPhone XS Max EMI Price in India. Let’s begin to discuss the same in this article.

An Overview on iPhone XS Max Prices

The 64GB, 256GB and 512GS variants of iPhone XS Max is priced at ₹1,09,900, ₹1,24,900 and ₹1,44,900, respectively. So, you need to see your budget and decide on the iPhone to pick.

What are the Finance Options Available to Buy iPhone XS Max?

There are several ways by which you can buy iPhone XS Max, such as credit card and personal loan. Let’s be briefed on both the options separately.

How Can Credit Cards Help Buy iPhone XS Max Variants?

Credit cards are best known to helping people realize their iPhone dream. So, if you have a credit card and available credit limit at par or above the price of the phone, you can buy it easily. Either you need to swipe the card at the offline store or buy the iPhone online. Now, buying it online via credit cards can be done either on EMI or non-EMI.

If you have the income to pay off the bills arising out of the iPhone purchase in one go, there’s no problem in having it on a non-EMI basis. However, if you have a doubt of making the payment in one go, you would be better off taking the EMI route even though the interest has to be paid over the course of the debt. The interest charged on EMI is far lesser than when charged on partly paid card dues.

The card EMI transactions are charged with an interest rate of 13%-20% as opposed to 30%-45% on revolving credit otherwise. You can get a period of around 2-3 years to pay off the EMI applicable to a credit card. For instance, the 2-year EMI of 64GB, 256GB and 512GS variants, would lead to a monthly installment of ₹5,329, ₹6,056 and ₹7,026, respectively, assuming the rate of interest to be 15% per annum.

How Much EMI Would be Applicable When Buying via Personal Loan?

You can get personal loans at an interest rate of 11%-25% per annum to buy the iPhone. The loan can be carried for a maximum of 3 years, if not more. So, if you get a loan at 15% interest rate for a period of 3 years, the EMI would amount to ₹3,810, ₹4,330 and ₹5,023, respectively.

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