How to Check CIBIL Score for free Online by PAN Card

CIBIL Score for free Online by PAN Card

Many times you have seen ads for checking CIBIL score online. But not every company is offering this service for free. So, if you want to check the same without paying any money, you have to do research online.

Check CIBIL for Free

You can now check your CIBIL score online with PAN card. The steps involved in the procedure are as follows:

  • Provide your full name as mentioned on the PAN card
  • Enter your Date of Birth
  • Choose the gender you belong to
  • Mention your PAN card number
  • Enter your contact address
  • Provide the email ID fn which you want to get the credit report
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Submit the form

Why should you pay to check your CIBIL?

This is something very normal to question about. When you get a service for free, why would you pay it? But, before getting the knowledge of everything, you should not come to a conclusion. CIBIL itself provides the service for a minimal fee.

However, it has partnered with some fintech firms which give you the service for free. The reason behind this is that the company would be able to give you CIBIL score for free and also get your data which they can later use for sales purpose. We are not saying that anyone is going to misuse it. But, nothing in this world comes for free.

So, if these companies are providing a paid service for free, they are temporarily providing this and later you will have to pay a fee.

How to check CIBIL score online

Now some of the websites are also giving you the option to check CIBIL online in different ways. These ways are mentioned below:

  1. Official website of the service provider
  2. Check CIBIL through WhatsApp
  3. Check it online by giving a missed call

All these mediums are instant and give authenticated results. So, it depends on you which way is suitable for you.

Can you get free CIBIL report?

The company giving the score for free may also provide CIBIL report for free as well. You can check it by visiting their official website of by doing proper research. This report is a document which carries your credit history. Every loan you have taken till now will be covered along with the payments habit of yours.

How much time does it take to get the score and report?

As mentioned above, you can check CIBIL score for free within a few minutes. This service hardly takes more than 3 minutes to show the response. The report is also sent instantly on the registered email ID.

With the above details, you must have realized that checking CIBIL score for free is not only possible but also instant.

So, if you are looking for the same and want a detailed report, you can also get it within a few minutes by just mentioning your PAN number and other basic details. You have to make sure that the details you provide are correct and match the listed document.

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