A checklist to following the tenure of pregnancy

maternal vaccination during pregnancy

Pregnancy does pose to be an exciting phase in the life of a woman. A lot of physical changes are on anticipated lines and some mental issues have to be dealt with. Just like maternal vaccination during pregnancy is common there are some pregnancy check lists you need to follow

Get moving

Before even planning to make a move and to choose a nursery, think about how the baby is going to prepare for the bundle of joy to arrive. It does make sense to be prepared ahead of time as this is going to make the phase of pregnancy and delivery even easier. Close to 30 minutes of exercise is needed on a daily basis to keep your body in the best shape.

Eat for a single purpose

During pregnancy, you might crave for pickles or ice cream. A balanced diet is a key as a sufficient amount of proteins, minerals and vitamins are needed. Do stock up on low-fat dairy products along with fresh vegetables and fruits. Cut down on junk food which has a lot of empty calories? Discuss with your partner on how life can be made easier for you.

Folic acid

Once you are pregnant consumption of folic acid is mandatory as serious birth defects can happen at any time during pregnancy. Vitamin B is found in most food, but women might need a pill to get through it.

Begin your day with a daily vitamin as around 400 mill grams of folic acid is needed when you are pregnant.

Be aware of your weight

If you are too thin it might make it difficult for you to become pregnant. Though a heavy body can make it difficult to become pregnant. The chances of high blood pressure and diabetes increase. For sure it would make the process of labor a lot longer and you would not want such a situation. Just as you discuss the vaccines to be taken during pregnancy ask the doctor about your ideal weight.

Have a plan in place

You might want to share your pregnancy details. No better way than to start with a doctor. Before you are planning to become pregnant start the discussion a few months earlier.

  • The prenatal vitamins or vaccines you are going to need
  • How you are going to be dealing with various types of health conditions you are having
  • The list of medicines you are going to opt for during pregnancy

Genetic counseling

No form of crystal balling exists which is going to specify the kind of eyes your baby is going to get. The chances are that if any form of genetic disorder exists in your family the doctor might schedule some preconception pregnancy tests. A saliva or blood test could throw more light on the same.

Visit to a dentist

In case if you are not a regular flossier it is time to get in touch with a dentist. Pregnancy does go on to increase chances of gum disease making labor a lot earlier.


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