Child Care Wanted – What Parents Should Consider?


Childcare is a matter of trust. When a babysitter comes in, parents should pay attention to some things so that a trust relationship can be established quickly.

Many young girls like to earn a little pocket money by taking care of the little ones. The job requires a great responsibility and the joy of dealing with children is the most important feature of a babysitter. Reliability, seriousness and sufficient maturity must also be available in order to respond with care when it becomes difficult. The age of the guarded child must be recorded so that the babysitter knows how to deal with the child.

If the children are still very small, he or she should know how an infant can be wrapped and fed and a screaming child can be reassured. In older children, babysitters must react confidently to defiance and always have a good game play in order to keep the sprouts happy. First aid knowledge is definitely an advantage. Many social organizations, as well as clinics, offer special courses for early childcare.

Predetermine for getting to know

In order to avoid negative experiences, childcare – usually girls or young women – should be selected carefully and comprehensively. A meet-up meeting is an informal rehearsal for the parents, who already show whether the chemistry between children and babysitter fits. It is also recommended to have a paid pro stock, where mom and dad can watch as he or she plays with the children, so the fears are automatically taken a bit that the children do not feel safe.

Also, the house rules are important, because what if the telephone rings or where is there something to eat or drink? In addition, parents can include the following in the checklist:

  • Accessibility and handy number of the parents
  • Pediatrician, telephone numbers or contacts for emergencies
  • Meals to be prepared
  • What are the children allowed to do? What not? When TV is allowed – What programs can they watch?
  • What sanctions can the babysitter have to enforce?
  • Where the medicine cabinet, bed linen for changing is, fuse box etc.?
  • Illnesses and allergies of the children, possibly necessary medicines together with detailed information on dose and dosage form

The babysitter contract

What many parents often do not know: A person who commits a babysitter automatically enters into a legal relationship. In particular, work, insurance, and liability issues must be observed. It is, therefore, a good idea to conclude a contract with your babysitter in which the most important points are regulated. In the case of minor babysitters, the parents must give their written consent. The contract covers the tasks of the guardian and the fees are calculated and listed in the contract.

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