Choose Men’s Wedding Bands to Suit Different Finger Types


Sometimes a wedding band looks amazing on the jewelry store’s display but does not look as great when worn on your finger. This could be pretty frustrating. This happens because different kinds of wedding bands are known to look better for specific finger types.

As per expert jewelry designers, several factors require being considered while choosing men’s wedding bands. Some of these important elements that require taking into account are the wedding band design, diamond size, diamond quality, the metal type, and of course, the craftsmanship.

It is always a good idea to start the wedding band choosing process by pre-determining the ring type that would be suiting your finger type. Moreover, decide which color diamond or gems you would be using in your wedding band so that it looks amazing on your fingers. Here are a few tips on what kind of a wedding band to choose depending on your precise finger type.

You Must Understand the Compatibility Equation

You must learn the matching or compatibility equation properly. Buying the right wedding band is a serious issue and it requires math. You must consider the following equation:

The Perfect Match = Wedding band shape + Wedding band style + Finger length x Finger width. The width and length of your finger must be compatible with the wedding band stone’s precise size and shape. Moreover, you need to keep in mind the wedding band’s width and style vis-à-vis your finger width and length. Browse through an extensive collection at for making the right choice.

Explore the Diverse Finger Types

Slender Fingers: The best way to make your slender fingers look broader and more masculine is to avoid wearing a wedding band that overpowers it. It is best to opt for a thicker wedding band that would be helping in widening the overall appearance of your finger. You could use small-sized stones to make your fingers look wider.

Short Fingers: Men with short fingers must buy wedding bands that would help in creating an elongated look. You could custom design your wedding band using one of the precious stones that are marquise, oval, or pear-shaped to give your fingers an elongated look. Moreover, you could be creating an illusion of length by choosing narrow-width or slender bands.

Long Fingers: Technically speaking, most wedding bands look perfect when worn on long fingers. However, jewelry designers recommend round stones and wider bands for complementing the long fingers.

Wide Fingers: It is pretty challenging to identify the perfect wedding band for men with wide fingers. The best thing is to opt for a ring style that would not be displaying too much skin. Medium to thick wedding bands with oval, emerald-shaped or rectangular stones are the right choices for complementing wide fingers. Asymmetrical designs would work best.


Wear heavier wedding bands to draw away the attention from your big knuckles to the wedding band. Avoid wearing the chunky and bulky styles if you are having large hands. Whatever wedding band you choose, remember to wear it with élan and confidence. Your wedding band is much more than just another accessory. It signifies your dedication and commitment to the love of your life.

Author Bio – Jack Dsouja is a jewelry designer and He loves to write guest blogs for many fashion portals. Jack recommends to his readers for wedding band shopping.

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