Christian Funeral Package – Singapore

Christian Funeral Package

For the Christian, the funeral service is really a function having subjects associated with consolation, aspiration alongside the life in the future. Christians recognize the individuals who have purported their confidence in Jesus Christ to be perpetually sheltered in paradise are with the Lord until the end of time. Christian funeral services are really not solemn but rather significantly more associated with a last or end of life festivity for the adored one.

The funeral services have a tendency to inspire and furthermore offer some kind of expectation in perceiving that their cherished one is currently with the Lord. Christians consider passing ceaselessly as a passage to a more alluring goal. Relatives and partners are ameliorated to find that their adored one is thought to find a sense of contentment in a place, for example, paradise. To the Christian, there is a certainty viewing their own predetermination as guaranteed in God’s Word or the Bible.

We at Singapore Bereavement Services are the leading funeral services provider in Singapore with honesty, fairness, and transparency in pricing. Our Christian Funeral Package recorded underneath is for funerals held at HDB void deck as it were. In light of the distinctive Tentage format required for various homes or burial service parlors, these setups will require a tweak citation from our funeral service advisors.

For lucidity and transparency of our package evaluating, recorded underneath are the detailed things that accompany this package: Let us a look at our Christian funeral package:-

  • Casket: – A wooden furnishing casket and a half glass for open casket viewing.
  • Collection and preparation of body:-
  1. Body collection from either home or hospital to our care
  2. Embalming of the body to last for duration of the funeral
  3. Makeup performed by a female embalmer
  4. Dressing and casketing
  5. Sending to the casket with body back to the HDB void desk
  • Funeral day arrangement:-
  1. Reservation and Cremation opening booking.
  2. Plan of the coffin region including covered ground surface, tentage, and blinds, Christian style backdrop.
  • Tables, chairs, lighting, and fan
  1. Total 25 table including 15 square table and 10 roundtable
  2. 100 plastic table
  3. 2 large standing fan along with 4 small fans are provided
  4. General lighting for the whole white desk
  • Funeral photography and flowers
  1. 1 enlarged photo plus 6 passports sized ones
  2. Wooden photo frame to house the enlarged photo (size: 10 inches by 12 inches)
  3. 1 floral wreath to line the photo frame (size: 11 inches by 13 inches)
  4. Fresh flowers arrangement
  • Food and drinks will be on a “pay as per what you use” basis.
  • Package price
  1. $4,000 for a 3-day funeral
  1. $4,700 for a 5-day funeral

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