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Common Errors that Students make in Board Exams


Board exams are the most important phase when it comes to the academic career of a student. The marks that are obtained in the board exams play a crucial role in deciding the future of a student’s life. As the board exams hold a lot of importance, it also creates a lot of panic and stress among students who are going to appear for the exams. While some students feel extremely terrifies, there are others who remain a little tensed. While hard work and preparation is the key to excel in the examination, it is equally important how you act in the examination hall and write your exam. No matter how well prepared the students are, they often end up making mistakes that actually hampers their results.

Here are some common mistakes students make while attempting board exams and how to overcome them:

Not utilizing 15 minute reading time properly

The first 15 minutes are given to the students to read the question paper carefully before they start writing the exam. These 15 minutes are allotted to take make a strategy to attempt the paper well in time. The mistake that students make is that they simply read the question paper and do not decide a sequence in which they are to be answered.

Lack of Time Management

This is the most common mistake that students make without even realizing it. Even knowing this fact very well, students still fail to manage time while writing the exam. Due to nervousness, they tend to forget about the time & word limit that is allocated for different questions. Students are highly recommended to plan in advance the time that they should dedicated to each question. Learn the best Time Management Techniques in Class 12th Business Studies Tuition.

Copying incorrect data

Sometimes the students are in so much of hurry that they copy the data incorrectly. This generally happens with the numerical questions. It is self-understood that when the question is copied incorrectly, then the answer will also be wrong, which ultimately leads to a zero score.

Beating Around the Bush

Most of the times, the students get so engrossed in writing the answers that they simply go off the track and starts beating around the bush. Students think that writing lengthy answers would get them good marks while it only destroys the time management strategy. Students are advised to write the answers to the point and clear.

Collapsed Writing

The writing of the students usually collapses at the end of the question paper. Also, this is the result of the panicked situation and the hurry to complete the paper in time. The collapsed writing makes the answer sheet messy with many cuts and crosses. On the other hand, the examiner also does not really takes any extra effort to decipher your answer sheet and this will surely reduce your marks. Hence, ensure to make your answers look clean and readable enough to please the examiner.

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