Marketing Blunders: Common Social Media Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

It’s apparent that social media marketing is a primary technique used by businesses at all sizes. However, while many companies recognize the importance of social media advertising, not all of them can use social media efficiently.

A study shows that 53% of small businesses use social media as their primary means of online marketing. On the other hand, 40% of small to medium-sized companies utilize social media ads to create revenue and brand awareness.

Though there are lots of room for artistry in a strategic campaign preparation, there are still some mistakes that small businesses should avoid while using social media. Below are some social media errors every business needs to avoid.


When talking about posting frequency, there is no fast and hard rule, but you don’t have to separate your social media followers by such stubborn overposting.

Instead, you will have to look at your level of engagement to guide the frequency of your post. If you are on Facebook, four to five posts every week is enough. On the other hand, if you’re using Twitter, one tweet a day will provide a moderate amount of content.

Ignoring the Analytics

How much increase has your business attained by your social media efforts from the moment you started? How much is the improvement from last week? These are the typical questions that small companies fail to ask. They might have positive progress, but they don’t know precisely how much.

It might seem convincing at first, but it all goes down to enhancing a strategy. If your business is not assessing Key Performance Indicator or KPI or any growth concerning goals, then most likely you’re ignoring the opportunities that can help you become successful.

Poor Social Media Strategy

Social media marketing is not an easy task; it’s complicated since there are various platforms to control, different audiences to cater and also to keep the business the first choice all the time. Indeed, all of these needs consistent effort to achieve. You don’t only need to understand the scope of every platform, but you also have to strategize them accurately.

To do so, probably the best way to plan and manage social media is by hiring a professional who knows all sides of your business. Professionals like Ashe Morgan and other groups can efficiently manage each channel respectively and bring the best out of them accordingly.

With planning and proper executing, you will see better results instead of random posts or usage of every channel. Further, by going through an appropriate strategy, you can improve content quality,  engage the audience, save time, and improve the success level of your social media efforts.

Failure of Responding

The entire point of social media is to interact with your target market. If a customer has complained or said something negative about your product or service, you still have to respond in an appropriate and timely manner.

If you want to build a healthy social media appearance, then be ready to reply to all messages even outside of your regular business hours.

Utilizing the Wrong Tools

In this generation, proper planning and interpreting of data become crucial to make right decisions. Businesses can now access customer information, so they should use the right tools to assess data systematically and provide real-time awareness, which will help them come up with the best social media marketing plan.

More so, they can either pick in-app statistical means that are accessible in the social media applications or by the third-party tools.


Every small business owner works hard to transform their firm into a thriving business that helps them make a profit and indeed trying their best to reach their goals. Certainly, social media is a powerful tool for every business; if appropriately used instead of making those blunders mentioned above, it can be a significant factor in a business’ success.

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