Common Types of Massage Therapy and How Does it Work

Expert control of tendons, muscles, joints and soft tissues of the body with the help of a manual technique is referred to as massage therapy. An expert and trained therapist uses varied kinds of manual techniques which involve triggering the pressure points in the body by rubbing, stretching, kneading moves and stroking particular zones of the body, to heal definite body aches and other issues. Massage is a well-known therapy which actively improves blood circulation in the entire body, helps the body to drain out the toxic elements and helps the cells of the body to absorb nutrients in an efficient way.

There are various types of massages originating from different geographical locations based on varied principles, application of methods etc. Let us gain an insight into the various kinds of massage from all over the world-

Trigger Point Massage  

Finding a trigger point which is often isolated amidst a muscle group is not easy. And this is the reason why only trained and expert trigger point therapists can offer this massage. These tender points can be the cause of pain in different zones of the body; however, gentle or deep strokes on these tender points can relieve pains of sore fibrous knots in muscles, stiffness, and etc.

Chair Massage 

This kind of massage is, particularly in a SITTING POSITION. In this type of massage your neck, shoulder, back, hands and arms are offered extensive massage while you are sitting in a chair, facing the therapist. The various techniques applied are rubbing, kneading, and stretching etc. Apart from this, another type of chair massage is a motorized massaging chair. In such chairs, the vibrations created by the motor transmits a wave of energy to the cells and helps them to stimulate the nerve impulses as well.

Swedish massage

Among the different types of massages being practiced around the globe, this is the most common form of massage, known to be very relaxing and soothing. It is one of the best-known massages which are recommended for stress relief. This massage technique involves soft and soothing strokes, friction implementation, circular movements of massaging and kneading movements to offer optimum relaxation experience.

Hot Stone Massage 

In this therapy, smooth surfaced stones are heated to a particular temperature and placed on certain specific points of the body. Here, hands are not used to massage your body; instead, these heated stones are used for massaging. Two sensations simultaneously work in this kind of massage-

  • The sensation of heat from the stones which stimulates your senses.
  • The sensation of relaxation brought about by regular and methodical massaging movement.

Deep Tissue Massage 

This massage technique involves the application of deep and methodical pressure on the specific areas of the body. This is great massage therapy which has been known for healing sports injuries, definite neck and shoulder pains, muscular-skeletal problems; muscular tensions etc. In this type of massage forced strokes, as well as soft strokes, are applied alternatively and systematically to target deeper layers of muscles and tissues to heal pains and stiffness of muscles.

Shiatsu Massage and Thai Massage

In Shiatsu massage thumb and fingers are used to target particular pressure points in the body. Pressure is applied to the acupuncture points of the body to release the energy locked within those trigger zones. Releasing the blocked energy helps to heal body aches, ailments and pains.

Thai massage is similar to shiatsu massage. It also believes in aligning the energy points of the body. Both are helpful in relieving headaches and migraine problems, anxiety, issues of constipation, insomnia, depression, arthritis, back pain etc.

Although find appropriate massage therapy for the treatment of many conditions, there are some cases where it is contraindicated including over open wounds and over malignancies. Ensure the massage you pick fits with your goals for relaxation and pain relief.

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