Comparison of SMS to Other Forms of Marketing

Forms of Marketing

Though there are numerous ways to market a product or service SMS heads the list. Once you hear the term marketing your mind would wander in various directions. Announcements, hoardings, billboards, TV ads coupled with shooting expenditure.  The reason being the perception of the masses is that marketing can be done at a large scale and a large audience is involved which is a major loophole. For any marketing campaign, it is not necessary that it has to be huge and loud. A simple and effective strategy can derive meaningful contribution.

SMS is rated to be a form of marketing where you can convey what you want without too much of hue and cry. This is sharp contrast to other forms of marketing. The first benefit of SMS is that you do not impose anything on a customer. They are your clients as they choose to receive information from your end. You can also give them an option of opt out if they are not keen to receive any updates from your end. Secondly, it proves to be a cost-effective form of marketing.

Comparison of SMS to other forms of marketing

Email marketing

SMS provides an attractive option of notifying customers about your services or products. In comparison, promotional messages tends to be ignored and finds its way on to the spam folder. In availing the service of a bulk SMS company in Delhi it has definite benefits.

Social marketing

An individual considers their smartphones to be one of the prized possessions. The chances are high when they have a phone access to social media platforms would be high. SMS marketing proves to be an effective form of marketing as people have access to mobile phones round the clock.

Face to face marketing

In case of face to face personal interaction, a lot of effort and time is wasted. At the same time the possibility of customers not turning to actual buyers might be on the higher side. Via SMS less time is wasted and you are able to convey in a matter of seconds to a customer.

Search engine marketing

Search engines optimize on SEO trends and how a promotional campaign has performed is dependent on clicks. Though an efficient form of marketing in modern times. SMS has better reach and generates a lot of customers.

Traditional marketing

This form of marketing relies on the age-old methods of posters, pamphlets, billboards etc. A loophole of this type of marketing is that it proves to be a one-way form of communication where things are imposed on a customer. This is in stark contrast of hiring a bulk SMS service provider in Delhi. They encourage two-way communications where you can respond to messages via short or long codes.

Taking into cue the benefits which bulk SMS has to offer, this form of marketing has a lot to offer for a modern day customer. At any point in time, SMS marketing is a preferred choice of marketing.

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