A Comprehensive Guide on Instagram Graphic Design Principles


Instagram is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform and numerous people would love to browse through the Instagram first thing in the morning as a daily ritual. It is a wonderful platform for discovering unique products, novel experiences, and new areas. This social networking site stands tall among the rest and has left other social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook way behind and it boasts much greater engagement.

As per statistics provided by Shopify, Instagram’s average order value is $65 while it is just $58.95 on Pinterest, and $55 on Facebook, and $46.29 on Twitter. If statistics were to be believed Instagram users engage with brands 10 times more as compared to Facebook, 54 times more as compared to Pinterest and almost 84 times more in comparison to Twitter.


An average person would be using Instagram numerous times every day. So if you are a graphic designer who is a freelancer or running a graphic design house, shifting all your marketing endeavors to Instagram would surely be a wise decision. Instagram is full of company/ business, as well as, personal accounts. You could successfully leverage the platform for promoting your graphic design business.

Instagram Graphic Design Principles

Principles of designing posts on Instagram are simple and effective. As a graphic designer, you must know them and apply them in your quest for gaining a foothold on Instagram as a graphic designer of repute.

Know the Goal

First of all, you need to determine the goal for an Instagram graphic design just in the same manner; you would like to draw up blueprints for your house. You must understand the purpose or goal of your specific design and that would be setting the direction for your complete creative process.

You must realize that Instagram is full of outstanding visual content that is vying for attention. So it is your responsibility to come up with engaging graphics which cater precisely to your target audience that you are aspiring to reach. You must create brilliant graphics that would grab the immediate audience’s attention but at the same time, you need to be realistic.

Obviously, no Instagram graphic design would be pleasing to all 500 million daily active users on Instagram. Your goal must be to come up with an attractive Instagram post design that would be reaching your target audience and that should be enough. However, you must have a clear-cut idea about who your target audience is for a specific design.

Knowing your target audience and your goal is surely the first and definitely the most important step in the entire graphic designing process. All design elements would be selected to effectively reflect and support your goal. Understand who your audience is and what exactly they need and the rest will follow. Visit reputed sites such as for perfect digital marketing solutions such as seeking professional assistance for boosting Instagram likes, views, and followers.

Consider How to Express Your Page Design Ideas Visually

Instagram is predominantly an image-sharing platform. So Use visuals of top quality such as detailed illustrations or stock photography with minimum text for capturing attention and express the underlying meaning behind the story as fast as possible. Statistics have revealed that humans would be recalling information far more effectively when complemented with relevant and appropriate graphics.

Choose pictures that would be evoking the right emotion you wish your target audience to feel. You could perhaps consider incorporating a picture of the pain point that your target audience must be experiencing. Alternatively, you could use a picture of that pain point actually being relieved or solved. You may be looking for invoking adequate curiosity for compelling the viewer to browse through your content. Irrespective of the specific story your Instagram graphic design is attempting hard to tell, you must keep the information ruthlessly straightforward with top grade visual content.

Always remember it is the feel and look of your overall account that would go a long way in creating an emotional bond with the viewers. Always include those pictures or visuals in your content that are consistent in quality and style. Choose the kind of content you would like to post including illustrations, pictures, designs, and crafts etc. and consider styles whether lifestyle or studio etc. They should be resonating with the target audience and develop an intense connection with them.


Branding implies not only inserting the logo or name on images. When the images go to the Instagram platform, it implies a specific visual identity which makes it stand out among others.  You must have an Instagram profile with a robust aesthetic vibe that should be aligned with its originality.

Instagram branding seems to be all about establishing a precise tone of the account, selecting color palettes, and composition of the page. You must consider the general or overall view of your page. Consider how all the visuals look when placed strategically in the usual Instagram grid.

You may find a variety of cool Instagram bundles to promote your graphic design company. You could edit these bundles easily and give them a real corporate look. As usual, they would be containing a pack of multiple ready-made banners that could be used by you for various purposes.

Remember Size Matters

Another important step in Instagram graphic design is determining the accurate size of your canvas. In this context, you must know that every social media platform like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn would be requiring pictures with different specifications. Moreover, each platform would be having unique image types, for instance, photo album, image carousel, gifs etc. Before starting your design be sure that you are going to share the design on Instagram and accordingly size or resize the picture for a perfect match with the specific dimensions pertaining to Instagram. Even though it could be quite tedious but simply a quick size perusal could be making the real difference between a flawless, amazing user experience and cropping out the best design element.

Instagram Stories

More than a quarter of a billion people update their Instagram stories every single day. Simply put, it is the best way to increase your reach. Whether it is a short video or a set of photos, stories always make for interesting viewing. They stay up for 24 hours and you can spice them up with GIFs, emoji and all sorts of snazzy things. Verified business users can also share links on stories, which makes it perfect for directing viewers to the landing pages.

Inspire and Entertain

As a social media marketer, your number one job is to attract and entertain. Post enjoyable content that inspires and motivates your audience and keeps them coming back for more.

Enjoy Yourself!

It’s really easy to get lost in the marketing business and go in over your head. But you’ve got to try and enjoy yourself. Not all your posts need to be marketing-centric. You need to understand Instagram’s essence. It is a beautiful medium that focuses on visuals and puts the user experience first. If you can play to your strengths and make what you offer the best in the business, they’ll come back to you. Pick the right posting time, schedule a post calendar, use the right hashtags, and finally try to utilize other networks by sharing Instagram posts to them and directing all traffic to the right external pages.


Instagram is essentially a simple medium, which means the content that goes on it is simple and the strategies to develop it are simple too. You should look into the present trends too; check out the top influencers and your competitors to see what the audience gets and how they react to it. Calculated risks are always welcome, and you could actually get some great ideas from other platforms like Pinterest or Facebook. By exploring a little, you could find the perfect vibe for yourself and your business and roll with it.


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