Cyber Defence Centre: The future of SOC that’s now!

The scope of recent cyber threats is huge and nowadays, all enterprises irrespective of their service line must assume that their systems have already been compromised and penetrated or worse, they might just be the next victim of the attacks. It’s therefore significant for the all such penetrations and activities to be detected immediately and that defensive measures are taken on-time via optimisation of the security infrastructure.

This is when a cyber-defence centre steps in which is simply the future or an extended feature of the traditional Security Operational Centre (SOC). If you’re wondering over the differences between cyber security services and an SOC or both, read on and have the query answered!

Almost every day, news of targeted hacker attacks and data thefts are pouring in on a larger scale. Looking into the development of these cyber-attacks, it reveals that attackers aren’t alone but actually have their backs supported by professional and active criminal organisations. Attacks are efficiently plotted and divided such as;

  • Development of malware
  • Dispatching the emails
  • Targeted search for vulnerabilities and weaknesses
  • Trigger exploit-kits

What’s worse is the rise of stateside groups of attackers playing an active role however on a much broader spectrum! Instead of targeting particular small groups, they’re now after private enterprises and all these cyber-crime activities take into account unlimited resources.

Cyber defence centre goes beyond ICT security walls

For mere survival, organisations must have a more professional approach of their cyber security that goes beyond the typical ICT infrastructure. The trend is towards development and implementation of intensive surveillance over the security systems and threat detection. Early detection and preliminary measures taken to counter cyber-attacks is the only way to ensure protection and saving the complex IT infrastructure from total collapse.

Here’s a summary of a survey concerning IT and security measures;

  • More than half of the facilities covered in the survey have little or no awareness of the vulnerabilities. No Security Operation Centre (SOC) is there to even monitor imminent cyber-attacks lest counter them!
  • Around 65 percent companies are without cyber threat intelligence programme to alert them over the recent threats.
  • More or less 87 percent participants in the survey revealed that their existing cyber security controls don’t fully cover the requirements of the enterprise as a whole especially threat detection system is either outdated or isn’t there in the first place.

SOC is all the buzz

The above tasks are mostly deal by a Security Operation Centre (SOC) which means it the decision making authority when it comes to cyber security for treatment of sophisticated and refined attack schemes. However, there’s always one out of two enterprises that lacks an active cyber-defence centre to counter improved attacks of today. An SOC is often looked upon as a commence deck and combined efforts of many would definitely shun any cyber-attack that comes.

A good SOC

IT experts suggest that a good SOC is one that meets all the following criterions;

  • Primary focus should concern risk identification, detection of security flaws and countermeasures to take in time
  • Duties should be managed automatically whenever possible. This is in particular to the attacks, collection and correlation of the data
  • A good SOC always operate in accordance with the human action which is why a highly trained, literate and active staff is required to manage cyber-defence centre

Organisations that lack the ability to hire security staff should go for a hybrid approach that is a perfect blend of technology and security personnel either hired through a third-party.

SOC of tomorrow

IT experts are always required even in SOCs of tomorrow along with ever improved threat detection tools to counter attacks and infiltrations. Here, more crucial role would be of cyber threat and intelligence analysts besides the typical security experts.


Cyber-defence centres are emerging to counter the ever increasing web-based threats such as the recent WannaCry and Petya, bearing fruitful results so far.

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