Time for Data Analytics in fruit and flower plant cultivation


Indian Agriculture has lots of inconsistencies and inefficiencies resulting less productivity with minimal quality. The farmers in India are not aware of the proper methods of agriculturists. They find it very difficult to analyze such as forecasting the seeds, fruit plant, flower plant, price of products, productivity ratio, jaiv urvarak, irrigation methods , crop monitoring and much more.

Data analytics in the field of plantation and cultivation in Indian agriculture is a burning technology that helps the farmers to evolve insurance products of crops an and offers a risk analysis by the climates, geographical and economic data set to boost the maximum production by agriculture forecasting.There are a many software and information technologies methods in data analytics by which the future of Indian agriculture and economy can be increased such as image recognition to monitor the crops and seed prediction analysis for precise plantation. Farmers can be used this method to gain the maximum profit with better management of their fields.

Artificial intelligence and data analytics helps to change the living standard of the farmers by maximum profits. This maximum profit can be achieved by prediction of the insurance and productivity of crop, by innovating the new software technology services, by developing some digital platforms by a better coordination with the banking and insurance sector. This all may be difficult but not impossible. It can be achieved by the satellite sensors methods using a large agri-data set used in the past decades.There are many software companies in India who have started works on the data analytics, artificial intelligence and data mining field, especially for agriculture so that the standard and the financial growth of the Indian agriculture in India can be maximized.There is no doubt to achieve this aim the main key is data.  Data is now considered as the most valuable commodity in the sector of Indian agriculture to reach forecasting.

The problem of food inflation can be easily solved by data analytics which is one of the most persistent problems of an Indian economy which leads to poverty. Estimation of food supplies is a challenge because we are one of the largest populated countries. We often see the value and price of the vegetables like potato, tomato, onion and much more has been so much increased in recent times. The main solution to this problem is to the availability of data, proper harvesting and prediction.

Soil fertility and productivity can be also improved by data analysis. Most of the crops are destroyed due to lack of proper soil and plant nutrients which are needed to develop them to avoid poor production. So by data analytics, it can be measured that according to previous failed results which are the essential jaiv urvarak or biofertilizers especially N, P, K that can help to boost the productivity. NPK data analytics very necessary to test the seed rate, irrigation, diseases free seeds, soil test, plant tissue culture lab and much more.

In 16th- 17th century there was a vat revolution n the Indian agriculture cared Green revolution, which helps very much to stand farmers but as the population is increasing day by day its time for “Data revolution” which can lead Indian agriculture to new heights.

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