Things to Consider While Designing Your Wardrobe


If you are planning to design a wardrobe for your bedroom, you would certainly like to consider facts that would give you the perfect dream wardrobe you are looking for to assemble your clothing and other essentials. If you follow certain basic design structures, not only will you get a fabulous looking wardrobe but a space saving one too. Apart from that bathroom, you may need to install several wardrobes in your living rooms. In this case, you can go for customized wardrobe and the designer will design and install the wardrobes according to your budget and preferences.

9 Tips to design your perfect wardrobe

Before you begin on the design, plan what you would like to keep in your wardrobe. This could range from clothes to shoes, accessories, towels, cosmetics, scarfs or jackets depending upon your requirement. There are various types of wardrobes available in the market and you need to choose them according to their quality, functionality, durability and storage capacity.

  1. Use adjustable shelves: It is natural that you would aim to store multiple elements in your wardrobe. This is the very reason why you must opt for adjustable shelves so that you can modify the size of your shelves and compartments as per your requirement.
  2. Use hooks and hangers: Place hooks on the door of your wardrobe to hang your ties, scarfs, hats and belts. They also help you to keep your accessories organized.
  3. Multiple drawers: A wardrobe with multiple drawers is a must have. You can store your winter garments and towels in the drawers. Also, they are the best place to keep your junk jewelry, clips and trinkets.
  4. Wardrobe vault: You would want to keep some of your expensive gold, diamond and silver jewelry in a safe place. Vaults are the best place to store your expensive stuff. These days you can even create a vault inside the personal wardrobe with customized keys and codes for extra security. Get an inbuilt vault installed in your wardrobe.
  5. Mirror: If you want to save space on having a separate mirror you can have one on the door of your wardrobe, either outside or inside. So that, you can also use the same wardrobe as your dressing table too.
  6. Hang sections: To keep your coats, suits and long flowing dresses or garments a hang section is a must. Decide between a single or double hang section depending on the quantity of items you want to store.
  7. Shoe racks: You can store all your designer shoes and sports shoes in your wardrobe itself. Having a shoe rack within your wardrobe is not only space saving but effective too as it gives you an opportunity to match your shoes and dresses in a jiffy, especially when you are in a rush.
  8. Choice of wood: Choose the wood for your wardrobe according to the climate you live in. Hard oak timber is best. If you stay in damp climates you may consider coating your wardrobe with paint or anti-corrosive material. You may also consider lamination.
  9. Use of LED Lighting: Your wardrobe must be well lit with LED lights placed at the right locations. Usually, lights are concealed on the roof of your wardrobe so that they highlight your essentials stored and also add to the look and feel of your storage space.

There is no end to the multiple features you can add to your wardrobe to make it both attractive and user friendly. Use the services of an experienced designer to design one that is not only good to look but provides easy access to all the articles stored within it.

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