Download Videomate and Start Downloading Videos Now for Free

Download Videomate and Start Downloading Videos Now for Free
  • What is Videomate? Why do I need VideoMate?

Did you ever experience the situation when downloading a video to store on your computer or PC becomes a desideratum? Did you ever find yourself floundering in the way to finding an application that spurred the process of downloading the aforementioned video in question? Videomate, the video downloader application is here to attenuate all your hassles, requiring you not more than tapping a few buttons on your phone before the video you desire to save is already onto your system.

  • What services does VideoMate offer? Why is it convenient to use VideoMate?

VideoMate is a distinctive application (which is arguably the only of its kind), offers multiple services all condensed within a single application. The video downloader warrants the users to not only locally save videos onto their local, physical memory but also enables to take a preview of the video before they even begin downloading it. Using the VideoMate application is effortless and plain sailing; one can figure out the intrinsic functions of the applications by the interface itself. One is empowered to enter the address of the website from which they wish to download videos from in order to save the videos onto their personal computers. The application works as an excellent download manager proficient in capabilities such as pausing and removing downloads, video detection features for smart videos, and so forth. The application ensures fast downloading and allows a user to download videos in the background, hence ensuring the ability of the user to multitask on the device the application video downloader is functioning. The application also supports every format of multimedia files there is in existence, such as AVI, FLV, MPG, MP4, MPK, WMV and more. VideoMate notifies one when the download is initiated or completed and supports extra large media files for downloads. The application ensures the quality of the video that is being downloaded remains intact and when it comes to viewing videos, nothing stands in parallel to VideoMate as it supports both portrait and landscape modes for watching a given video.

  • What are the other features that VideoMate offers?

VideoMate is a dynamic application that is constantly being updated to keep par with the demands of the app-store application consumers and developers are constantly making efforts to cater to the demands of the world. The application features multiple feats that make it one of the best video and media downloading applications on the app store at a given point in time. It also notifies when a download is started, the estimated time the video will take to complete downloading and notifies the user when the download accomplishes. The user has been granted the power to pause or remove a video amid download and the application features a live video download. Currently, videomate video and media downloader is available on Google play, free of cost and is extremely convenient, coming handy whenever a download for a video is required.

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