Will DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals? Let’s Find Out

dsp blackrock mutual fund

DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund has proven out to be a powerhouse in the asset management space owing to its track record of providing substantially higher returns to the investors over the long term. Besides returns, the old fund house has also sailed the ship of people craving for regular income.

It has also helped investors reap the benefits of higher returns and income. The asset management company (AMC) has made all these possible through its equity, debt and hybrid schemes. Let’s now read these schemes in this article dedicated to DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund.

DSP BlackRock Equity Funds – Ideally Suited for Long-Term Financial Goals

Want to let your money scale new heights? Invest in DSP BlackRock equity funds, which keep your money in the equities to lift your investment value over time. Let’s glance at the top-performing equity funds that the fund house offers.

DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity Fund

By investing in a portfolio of equity and equity-related securities of top 100 corporates, the fund looks to appreciate the growth of the capital over the long term. In 14 years so far in the asset management space, the fund has provided returns to the tune of 22.51%. The one year and 3-year returns are 14.16% and 8.60%, respectively.

DSP BlackRock Equity Fund

The fund keeps the money mainly in equity and equity-related securities to tap into the high-return proposition of the asset allocation. A few portion of the fund corpus also goes into debt and money-market instruments to provide a stability of income. By virtue of such asset allocation, the fund has offered a return of 20.69% in a span of 2 decades for which it is operational. Its last one-year performance is also good with a return of 21.42%.

DSP BlackRock Opportunities Fund

Choosing a diversified investment mix of equities, the fund looks to churn out higher returns for the investors. The fund, since incepted in 2000, has helped investors gain a return of 19.26%. While its 1-year and 3-year returns stand well at 23.88% and 16.42%, respectively.

What About DSP BlackRock Debt Mutual Funds?

Offering a greater degree of safety and liquidity, these debt funds have provided joy for investors with a lower risk-taking appetite. So, which are the top-performing funds of the category that you should look to keep your money into? These are shown below.

DSP BlackRock Constant Maturity 10Y G-Sec Fund

The money you invest here will go into government securities with a weighted average maturity of around 10 years. Since incepted in 2014, the fund has posted a return of 10.31%. On the other hand, the 1 and 3-year returns are 6.84% and 9.68%, respectively.

DSP BlackRock Government Securities Fund

The scheme, which invests in central government securities with a maturity of 1-30 years, has given a return of 9.87% to the investors. While its 1-year return stands at 5.83%, the 3-year return comes out to be 9.46%.

DSP BlackRock Banking & PSU Debt Fund

With the investment made on the debt & money-market instruments issued by banks and public sector undertakings/entities, the fund has provided 9.30% return to the investors. The fund, in the last 1-3 years, has offered returns of 7.11%-8.71%.

DSP BlackRock Hybrid Funds – All Set to Take You to The World of Capital Appreciation & Income Generation

Seeking both growth and income? Why don’t you then invest in the following hybrid funds which have served both the purposes for the investors over time?

DSP BlackRock Balanced Fund

With a view to providing capital appreciation and generating income, the fund invests in equities, debt & money-market instruments in a proportion as deemed perfect to achieve the objective of the scheme. Following such an asset allocation, the fund managers have made investors grow their portfolio by 15.56% in a span of 18 years for which the scheme exists. Even its 1-year and 3-year returns stand pretty at 15.07% and 12.91%, respectively.

DSP BlackRock Equity Savings Fund

The fund managers, entrusted with the task of managing this fund, employ arbitrage and other derivative strategies while generating income via fixed income securities. They also look to escalate the growth of money by dispersing it across equity instruments. Even in its short vigil of a year and a half so far, the fund has offered a reasonably good return of 12.62%.

DSP BlackRock Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund

Seeking to offer both capital appreciation and income generation, the fund invests in equity, debt and money-market instruments issued by banks and public sector undertakings. Since making a debut in 2014, the fund has provided a return of 10%. Its 1-year return of 9.12% and 3-year yield of 8.74% sound good for a long and happy ride for investors.

So friends, how was the session on DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund? I am sure, you would have learned a great deal about its several schemes, their performance, asset allocation, etc. You should keep an eye on your financial goals and risk-taking capability before choosing from the funds described above.


Disclaimer – Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing.

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