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In recent days internet has played an important role in our daily life, in that the important thing is people can talk via the internet to one who is really on the opposite side and by the internet they can send email all over the clock, can search the information data, we can play game with others in online, and at the same time we can buy things through online. At the same time, online shopping has been broadly agreed as a key of shopping the products and the services. It has become a more famous means in the online network world.

Therefore the online commerce has launched exclusive risks and prize for the users. It offers a lack of difficulty and the convenience, admitting for in-depth and the corresponding shopping from the ease of home computer or mobile device of the individual. However, the impersonal and obscured nature of the online transactions of the amount to buy the product which gives increase to the trust-based problem as well as and therefore how can the people who use the online shopping know that they will really receive the products which they bought? Will the products reach the undamaged and in a timely trend? In feedback to these problems, the online marketplaces have begun fame systems, where the parties to the market are ranked based on their action in the transactions.

Therefore the eBay online shopping site is somewhat different among online market in that its fame system and his system are symmetric, not only can shoppers rank sellers, then the sellers can also give comments on the users who have purchased their wares. At the first, this looks like an aid mechanism; the consumers will receive the identification for efficient payment, and a sense of interchange may motivate the user and them to provide the comments about the product to their seller in return. This makes the fame system effective and makes more popular. From the research, they investigate the personal issues that are an outgrowth of the balanced and the public nature of the eBay online site feedback system.

Here they first explain the buy history attack of the people and therefore given an eBay username of the person who uses the service then they show how to introduce his purchases by corresponded his comment page with the comment pages of the person who sell it with where he has interacted with them. If the hackers know the original identity of the username of the user in the question, this is probably a serious privacy gap. If he does not know the similarity, we show that the hacker may still be able to connect the username to an online social network site and recognize the shopper.

The eBay online shopping site has joined more countries to its new Global Shipping Program which is called GSP for the sellers who is located in the UK state and therefore this is reported by the eCommerce Bytes.

Therefore love it or hate it now the Global Shipping Program (GSP) of the eBay is a first concern for the firm, and the eBay has announced that on the month May 15, and therefore it added to 38 new countries to the program. That takes the total number of countries in the GSP scheme to 102 totally.

About the program:

The new program is planned to design to make it much more efficient, much simpler for the home sellers to reach the international shoppers and to make it more see-through to the international shoppers what the whole costs of the amount of the transaction will be which including the duties and the tax or fee.

The eBay sellers manage the home leg of the shipment for the international orders, while the Pitney Bowes which is narrowed by the eBay online shopping site and therefore it is only in charge for the international leg of the journey on the site. The sellers set the home shipping fare while the Pitney Bowes sets all other costs and handles duties problem, the insurance, and the delivery of the product.

Therefore the program has its analysts the sellers initially stated that the eBay online site kept choosing their records into the program whether or not they needed to participate in that and the eBay argued about that.

The another problem for some sellers and they rely on the program which makes their prices clearly much higher to the international user who shops on the site than those of the home sellers and therefore somebody says that a lot of international shoppers are able to make the non-GSP shops without having any need to pay the duties. After all, the eBay site discussed that by being totally transparent with the finical value upfront and it avoids the shoppers’ disappointment later.

A detailed discussion about the global shopping:

The online shopping place added six new countries to the new program, after all, that they adding extra 37 countries by the last month. The current additions which include the South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Latvia, Saudi Arabia and so on.

The main intention of the program is to build the costs of shipping which is internationally see-through so that the user is totally aware of the total cost of the amount for buying an item from the online marketplace from the UK. The GSP breaks down, in a specific aspect, the whole cost of the shipping a package from the UK to the domestic country of the consumer. The user is shown any extra cost which is associated with the international shipment before shopping which including the taxes and the fee that may be tacked on by their domestic country.

Therefore some sellers believe that the cost of the amount for the transparency within the shipping program makes their products appear like more costly when compared to the other competitors. But there is an advantage for the people who sell the product and therefore that participate in the program and they easily have to ship their items to a home partner of the eBay online shopping site, which will then manage the whole international shipping process with it.

The eBay is highly dependent on the sales to the international users. The latest earnings of the eBay disclose the important growth for the initial time in the various times and the firm reported that 62 percent of its net transaction revenue of the company during the one-fourth month came from the international sales. It is clear that the eBay is dependent on the international revenue to the workers of its business, which could clarify why the firm is elaborating its Global Shipping Program to the better serve international shoppers during the certain time.

The parcel delivery company is one of the parts of the shipping sector that handles with the transportation of the packages to the users and it is flourishing thanks to the e-commerce growth of the company, and the players exterior of the industry need a piece of the pie.

Evan Bakker who is the research analyst for the BI Intelligence, Business premium research of Insider service, has assemble a detailed progress on the future of shipping of the firm that seems at efforts by the Amazon, Alibaba, and the Walmart to manage more of their own shipping work and end up that the big retailers are well locations to upset the parcel industry.

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