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Eight Basic Floral Arrangements to Consider for the Occasion


Be it the wedding, anniversary, birthday, corporate event or any other occasions, floral arrangements do play a significant role to enhance the moods and beauty of the place. It is important for each and every organizer to choose the right type of floral arrangement to ensure that it suits the occasion perfectly and is found to be a big hit.

Why consider floral arrangements?

The truth is having floral arrangements at any occasion, at office or home, special events or on restaurant tables is sure to have a wonderful and magical effect upon the visitors and guests. This is something important to achieve the main objective which is to create the best possible impression on them. The fact is floral arrangements does require plenty of considerations to be made. There are indeed certain patterns which are followed by the experienced and knowledgeable florists while preparing floral arrangements to suit a particular occasion or requirement.

Some basic arrangements offered by reputed florists for different occasions

  • Vertical arrangements: Such types are considered to be the ones which can be noticed in jars and vases in towering, free flowing forms.

Vertical arrangements

  • Horizontal arrangements: Such arrangement type are created using shallow containers, using anchor type and anchor foam for keeping design in proper place.

Horizontal arrangements

  • Crescent arrangement: This type of arrangement is known to take crescent moon shape having its lower and upper ends tapering and curve inwards, so as to form the shape of a crescent.

Crescent arrangement

  • Triangular arrangements: This type of floral arrangements requires the flowers to be arranged using shallow bowl or vase having tall centre flower combined with other flowers. They are arranged in a manner such that a triangle shape is formed with the final arrangement.

Triangular arrangements

  • Minimal arrangement: Such floral arrangement is known to have originated from Ikebana, a popular Japanese art. In this style, few flowers get arranged in a particular style which is found to be attractive, even though minimum flower numbers are used in it.

Minimal arrangement

  • Oval arrangement: Such arrangement type comes with thick central flower bunch and taper slowly towards the top. The floral tends to overhang such that it tapers at its bottom.

Oval arrangement

  • Free Standing: This type is considered to be the one where florists let loose his wild imagination to come up with an arrangement that fits within a shallow container. For this type, there is used floral foam, floral clay and floral tape.
  • Lazy S: It is an amazing floral arrangement requiring less using of flowers having curved stems to assist achieving that beautiful S-shape.

The above are the eight floral arrangements that can be considered for any occasion. Contacting the reputed and well trained as well as the best online flower delivery will help the shopper to enjoy seeking the right type of arrangement for the occasion. The professionals will first consider several aspects and the type of occasion to be celebrated, to ensure that the best available floral solution is offered to the client at cost effective rates.

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