Emojis are the Ice Breaker in the Online Dating Forum

best emojis-dating

When it comes to the online dating platform, the only possible way to impress the best match is through the text messages that are sent by the user. Though language is a strong tool it is not sure that the messages sent by the users are interpreted in the same way while communicating via the digital platform.

Dating app- Clover

There are many dating apps available in the market and Clover is an app that connects the users using their email address or Facebook account to create a Clover profile. The users can interact with others in the platform by sending chat messages, multimedia texts, and they can use the Mixers feature to setup a group and conduct group event. The app has a feature called the ‘on demand dating’ feature that allows the users to request for dates and send gifts.

best emojis-dating

The app permits the users to turn on and off their GPS location and anonymously browse other user’s profile. The users using the app has the facility of excluding the other app users from contacting them based on the location, gender and age that is mentioned in the privacy settings.

Features of the Clover app

The app was first launched for the iPhone users in March 2014 and later in June 2016; the app was available for the Android users. The app and its features are available for free and for a minimal subscription the users can also purchase the app.

Some of the features that are available for free help the users to find out the number of users who like them, the accounts they like and dislike and the number of profiles that match their interest. The users can view the profile photo and the account information and send dating request to the other profilers using the on demand dating option; they can also join or create a separate group using the Mixers feature. The app filters the best match based on the age, sexual orientation and distance of the user; the users have the control over their online status, location and the mixer group they wish to join.

There are some added features available to the users using the Premium Clover subscription that can be purchased by the users via the App store and Play store. A trial version of the app for a week is available for free, so the users can access the features available in the package before purchasing the monthly subscription. Some of the features available in the Premium subscription are, the ethnicity, body type, intention, interest, height, eye color, hair color, income, drug used, zodiac sign, occupation, school, relationship status, and even find out whether the person is a smoker/ non-smoker or drinker/ non-drinker.

Also, the subscription includes the option for sending the profilers with voice messages, videos, pictures and they also receive free ‘boosts’ that features the profilers in the feature strip and so they can seek more attention from the other users in the dating app. The users can also sort the profilers based on the gender, age, location, most popular profile in the app, most recent profile, and the online status.

Like the blind date, the users in the dating platform can choose the time and location they wish to have their date and the Clover dating app will automatically match the profilers with the potential match. The users can later confirm the date after reviewing the matches and also the app suggests the users with the best dating locations based on the popularity and price. The Mixers is another feature available in the online platform that allows the app users to create a new online group and meet many numbers of users who share the same kind of interests.

Research analyzed by the online platform

The online dating mobile app Clover conducted a survey by collecting information from the users using the app. According to the results of the survey, the app suggests that the emojis play a vital role in building the communication among the users accessing the app.

The survey was conducted among 3 million users by analyzing ninety million messages and found that only ten percent of the conversations start with emojis in the messages. And it also analyzed the that 5 percent of the women users in the app respond actively to the messages that open with emojis, while 8 percent of the men replied to the emoji messages.

Also, the choice of the emojis play a powerful role in continuing the conversation and it also has a variation in the choice of the emoji based on the gender. There are certain types of emojis that are not liked by the women, while men have their share of restrictions in the emojis.

The online dating app put forth an infographic based on the information collected by the survey and revealed that the emojis are the best way to boost the conversation in the online platform. The survey has shown some of the details about the usage of the emojis to attract both men and women. According to the survey, any men trying to show their fullness or anything strong in a violent way is a big no if they are trying to date that particular person. The emojis have the power to either make or break a relationship.

It does not matter if you are not a fan of the emojis; just give it a try because the recent survey shows that people are more respondent towards the opening messages that consist of the emojis.  So users using the online dating app can review the infographic report released by the mobile dating app and get instant response from their matches.

It’s the emojis that matters

The online app surveyed using three million app users and found out the significance of the emojis in initiating a conversation in the online platform. They have even constructed an infographic that details the best suited emojis based on the gender.

When emojis attract more users to actively open up to conversations, it does not mean all emojis are treated with the same aspect, there are some of the emojis that has to be avoided by a person while trying to impress the person and go on a date.

Emojis and women

Women, in general, avoid replying to messages that consist of certain emojis like the fist bump, clapping, phallic eggplant and flexed biceps. But they respond instantly to messages that consist of smiling face, hungry face, tongue, the tongue out face, see no evil, speak no evil, heart eyes, the smirking face, sassy girl, happy devil, sun face, and sweat drops.

And from the survey it is identified that most of the women love to send emojis like the smiling face, winking face, heart eyes and waving hand.

Emojis and men

Similar to women, men too have choices when it comes to sending and receiving emojis. Most of the men reply to emojis like okay, two hearts, kissing lips, weary face, heart eyes, tongue out eyes shut, smirking and crazy face, relieved face, laughing crying, see no evil, heart face, and upside down face.

Men also love to send emojis and most frequently used emojis are the smirking face, blowing kiss, rose and grinning face. While men hate to see emojis like the pile of poo, crying face, ring and Vulcan salute.

Usage of the correct set of emojis in the online dating platform will increase the chances of meeting up with the right person and extend the relationship beyond texting to date.

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