Enjoy an Array of Options for SBI Credit Card Bill Payment

credit card bill payment

SBI provides a wide range of Credit Cards to fulfil a variety of needs of its customers. SBI Credit Cards are easy to avail and come with an array of features that one can’t simply look away from. One of the most appreciated feature of these cards is the SBI Credit Card Bill Payment.

Most of us worry over the repayment of our credit cards. SBI has made the process easier for its valued customers to enhance their overall credit card experience. Credit Card Bill Payment is easy and hassle-free and takes absolutely no time. Keep scrolling to know more about it!   

credit card bill payment

Feature of SBI Credit Cards

  • Solution to Varied Needs: SBI Credit Cards cater to a variety of needs ranging from the personal to the corporate.
  • No Loss Liability: In case of loss of card, you would have no loss liability.
  • Acceptance Around The Globe: SBI Credit Cards are accepted all across the globe making them very useful during travel.
  • Easy Bill Facility: SBI Credit Cards come with a facility of Easy Bill Payment under which you can use them to pay your utility bills.
  • Conversion To Easy Installments: The card bearer can convert the outstanding balance of their card into easy installments and pay off gradually.

SBI Credit Card Eligibility

  • Age Limit: The minimum age required to apply for a credit card is 18 years to a maximum of 60 years.
  • Nationality: To be able to avail a SBI credit Card, the applicant must bear Indian Nationality.
  • Credit Score: The applicant must have a good credit score and no history of financial default to be able to apply for the SBI Credit Card.

SBI Credit Card Bill Payment

SBI Credit Card Bill Payment can be done either through online mode or offline mode depending upon the convenience of the card bearer.

Online Credit Card Payment

  • Paynet: Under Paynet option, you can pay off your credit card bill using your bank account through Netbanking or Debit Card facility. This method of payment is highly secured and is not at all time taking.
  • SBI Online: SBI Online is a payment gateway method through which SBI Credit Card Bill Payments can be done easily.
  • Automatic Debit and Electronic Clearing Services: Under this method, the individual only needs to give consent to the bank to make automatic deductions before the due date of the bill payment.
  • NEFT: You can make your credit card bill payments using NEFT facility from your netbanking account of any bank.
  • Mobile Banking: To be able to use this facility, you will have to download the mobile app for mobile banking. By sending a message, you would receive the link for downloading the application and making your credit card payments would be just a click away.
  • Other Bank Online Transfer: By registering your SBI card on the website of the bank, you can easily make your SBI Credit Card Bill Payment through your bank account belonging to any bank.
  • SBI Mobile App: SBI Mobile App can be downloaded through app store, google play store and windows app store and can be used to make quick and easy credit card bill payments.
  • EBP: You can use the net banking, ATM or mobile service of SBI, Indian Overseas Bank, Citibank and Bank of India to make credit card bill payment.

Offline Credit Card Repayment

  • SBI ATM: You can make your SBI Credit Card Bill Payment by visiting the nearest SBI ATM and feeding in the details in the machine.
  • SBI Billdesk: You can also visit your nearest SBI Bank and pay off the credit card bill at the SBI Billdesk.
  • Easybill Outlets: You can make cash payment against your credit card bill by visiting your nearest easybill outlet. After the payment is done you will be provided by an electronic receipt of payment.
  • Electronic Dropbox: You can use the electronic dropbox to pay your credit card bill. Just scan and drop-in the cheque with the bill amount and you are done!
  • Manual Dropbox: While using manual dropbox, you need to mention your relevant details behind the cheque and drop it in the dropbox. Your SBI Credit Card Bill Payment is done!

SBI Online

SBI provides the card bearer with a SBI Online Login, unique for each user, to help them keep a check on their expenditure and repayments. The card bearer can also check their SBI Credit Card Status using their SBI Online Login. SBI Credit Card Statement depicts a clear picture of the monthly expenditure of the card bearer and the repayment schedules. This feature helps one keep a tab on their expenses and keep their repayments on time.

SBI Credit Card Customer Care

SBI Credit Card Customer Care is a very useful feature provided by the bank. The bank makes sure that the SBI Credit Card Customer Care division is prompt and efficient to provide a flawless service to their valued customers. Another feature that adds a feather in their cap is the SBI Billdesk. This feature gives their esteemed customers a completely hassle-free bill payment experience without long queues and long hours of waiting. The SBI Credit Card bearers can also make use of the SBI Credit Card Customer Care Number in case of any queries and discrepancies. The toll free number can be found on the official website of the bank and can be made use of between 9am to 6pm from Monday to Friday.

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