To enjoy Bengalese 15 Bengali Restaurants In Delhi

15 Bengali Restaurants In Delhi

For all the Bengalese, living away from home it’s a struggle to taste taste home like food. So here we present best Bengali restaurants in Delhi of Delhi were lovers of Bengali flavours can satisfy their hunger.

Maa Tara (Chittaranjan Park)

Relish your taste buds, with Maa Tara Bengali restaurant located at Market No. 2, Chittaranjan Park, this lively small restaurant, serves some of the most authentic flavours in their dishes. Their speciality is “Kosha Maangsho” which is a Mutton Curry.

Oh! Calcutta (Nehru Place)

To satisfy your Bengali cravings we present Oh! Calcutts which is one of the Best Bengali restaurants in Delhi. They serve the best Bengali cuisine in the capital. You will find yourself getting lost in their mouthwatering flavors. They are famous for their Shorshe Bhapa Chingri which is a Steamed Mustard Prawn and the chutney which is prepared with tomatoes and jaggery.

City of Joy (Alaknanda)

Another hotspot situated in Chittaranjan Park, is City Of Joy. They serve delicious dal-aloo bhaja, Phool-Kopir dalna and much more. The must try dish for this place is Daab Chingri in which they cook prawns in coconut and extremely famous Fish Kobiraji.

4. Poribeshon (Indirapuram)

Poribeshon is a usual take away joint. Their specialist is in their aloo posto which is prepared by using poppy seeds in potatoes and lay chingri which is dish in which prawns and guard are cooked together.

Kolkata Biryani House (Chittaranjan Park)

Bengalis are die heart lover of Biryani, and Kolkata Biryani House which is one of the best Bengali restaurants in Delhi offers you the authentic taste of biryani that non can replicate in Delhi. This place will surely satisfy all your biryani cravings.

6. Ki Hangla! (Gurgaon)

Located in Gurgaon, ki Hangla! will serve you with the best and authentic bengali flavours in their delicious bengali dishes. They collaboratively mix both east and West Bengal flavours. And offers some of the mouth-watering rolls.

7. Bong Appetit (Malviya Nagar)

Situated in a corner of Malviya Nagar main market, this nice small developing restaurant is airry and offers yummiest bengali dishes to all the lovers of bengali flavours. Chef Sambaran Mitra serves you with tasty food which are taken from legendary bond cuisine, a perfect bangali hotsposta and amazing play tracks.

Big Bongg Theory (Shahpur Jat)

Big Bongg Therory which is also one of the best Bengali restaurants in Delhi is tucked in Shahpur Jat, they serve wicked egg drivel with meat coatings for starters are mouthwatering and their Dal-er bora for vegetarians are absolutely delicious. Adding volumes to their Bengali menu they offer best quality Darjeeling Tea.

Bijoli Grill (Banga Bhawan, Barakhamba Road)

This is a budget friendly place which offers some delicious bengali dishes like Bijoli Grill And and Daab Chingri which is a perfect blend of prawns and coconut and how can we forget about Aloo Posto of this place.

Mandaa (Hauz Khas Village)

If you want to go and chill out in a pub and at the same time is craving for Bengali food then this is a great place for you. They offer delicious Bhat-Dal-Maachh that are delicious and many more of bong dishes.

Maachh Bhaat (Gurgaon)

An ideal solace for all the bengalis and indians settled in Delhi, this place offers authentic well Cooked Hilsa and some of the traditional Bong dishes.

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