Enjoy Favourite Cakes and Lose Weight!

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People may simply get surprised when they come to know that losing weight is very much possible without them having to sacrifice their favourite cakes. What they need to do is to just use alternative ingredients in the recipe.

How can one lose weight by consuming favourite cakes?

The solution here is to control the calorie intake. It can be achieved even after consuming those readymade foods like cakes. One should go through the calorie amount mentioned on the sticker of the product. There are reputed sites that do allow purchase of pineapple cake online order and created exclusively for those who are diet conscious. The calories mentioned on the pack should not exceed the necessary daily intake.

However, if the person is eager to bake the cake from scratch, then it is possible to have cakes having fewer calories in it. This can be achieved by having the high calorie/fat ingredients substituted with low calorie/fat ingredients. For instance, cake flour can be used instead of white flour and healthier olive oil for normal oil. Two egg whites can be used for a whole egg.

The above ways not only help to reduce the cake calorie contents, but also will not diminish its form. One can expect the cake to remain spongy and soft once baked. At the same time, they also will be much healthier and hygienic. The other things that can be undertaken are to have the cake placed on non-stick pans rather than greasing the cake pan with butter. Brown sugar can be substituted for white sugar.

Tips to bake healthy chocolate cakes

Firstly, it will be important to stick to a chocolate cake recipe, something that the person is comfortable with. The necessary kits and tools are to be kept handy prior to starting the baking process. Margarine or low-fat butter is to be used while preparing cake mix to get healthy mixes. Calorie can be minimized by using egg whites instead of whole eggs. Dark chocolate is preferred when placing chocolate in the mixture. Higher cocoa content is present in dark chocolate, meaning, less fat is present in it. Small amount of cocoa powder can be used for sweetening it up if mixture is found not to be sharp enough.

Non-stick pan is to be used for cake mixture. Some flour is to be sprinkled on the pan to prevent cake from getting stuck to the pan after taking it out from the oven. The little hollows and gaps of the pan are to be taken care of using flour or other healthy options like using vegetable non-stick spray.

If layered cake is planned for, then reduced jelly or fat jello can be placed between the layers. Another effective option will be to use sliced fruits like strawberries within the layers. This cake is sure to be found mouth-watering and enjoyed by everyone in the family. There are many other ways to lose weight as well.

For others, trying to order pineapple cake online and ensuring that they are diet rich, can help them to lose weight effectively and still enjoy their favourite cake.

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