Everything you need to know about customised cushions

Customised cushions online India

Cushions are the soft spongy bags normally stuffed with soft materials such as feathers, foam, hair, non woven materials, wool and fibre. Cushions are mainly used to soften the sharp corners or sharp parts of couches, sofas, chairs and stools. It usually help to convert the hardness into softness with soft ornaments or materials. Cushions are generally decorated with some sort of embroidery. Cushion maker use printed and embroidered cloth to make the cover of the cushions. Some other sort of patterned and designer covers are used to decorate the cushions of furniture. It typically helps to make the furniture such as chair, couches and benches more and more soft and comfortable. In India, cushions are basically customised everywhere. Choose the best designs of cushions and customise from the best cushion maker. Cushions can be customised in different shapes and sizes with different ornament materials and clothes. More often, cushions are customised in square and rectangle shape like a headrest, pads or pillow. Customised cushions online India, are sold in very low rates and tailors provide free home delivery to their customers.

Most commonly cushions come with a lot of varieties such as-

  1. Photo personalised cushions

Photo cushions are the best thing. One can customised photo cushions to highly delight their partner by surprising them with photo cushions. Every photo can be easily customised on the cover of the cushions. The photos actually look very good and give a very elegant look.

  1. Text personalised cushions

Text personalised cushions are the best to express your feelings. You can easily express your thoughts and feelings through texted cushions. You get any of the desired text written on the cushion. Surprise and gift best customised cushions to greatly excite and amaze your special ones or closed ones.

You can get photo personalised cushions and text personalised cushions with different shapes and any embroidery can also be done to customise the best cushion covers too.

  • Heart shaped cushions

You can gift heart shaped cushion to your lover or loved ones on the Valentine’s Day, birthday, wedding anniversary and engagement ceremony. All the lovers get delighted to seed red colored heart shaped cushions.

  • Rectangle shaped cushions-

Rectangle forms of cushions are normally made for the sofas and chairs. You can buy the best rectangular cushions to place them on the sofas and couches. Rectangular cushions look extremely good on the sofas and any other seating furniture. Buy the best beautifully designed rectangle shape cushions from India.

  • Square and round shaped cushions-

 Square and round shaped cushions also look very attractive and amazing on the sitting furniture. Buy the beautiful square and round shape cushions to decorate your living areas.


In India, cushions are offered in wide variety with different shapes, colors and designs etc. You can get any type of cushion customised. Place an order immediately to get the best cushion. Make your furniture look so elegant by placing the best cushions on it.

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