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All Garmin traffic GPS ar during a cluster Garmin calls “FM traffic compatible”. this suggests these GPS will settle for FM traffic knowledge from AN FM traffic receiver and show it on the GPS show. A subgroup of this larger cluster is titled “FM traffic enclosed” which suggests that the GPS is sold with AN integrated traffic receiver and subscription to the traffic service included within the terms.

Now that we’ve got the definitions out of the approach, let’s clear up one purpose which will surprise you. None of those Garmin GPS even have the FM receiver designed within the GPS. The FM receiver is really designed into the light power plug that powers the GPS. The wire that powers the GPS conjointly carries the information from the FM traffic receiver situated within the power plug to the GPS.

On all current Garmin units, you’ll be able to tell if the GPS has FM traffic enclosed within the terms if the model variety has the letter “T” within the last character position. Example: Garmin Nuvi 1490T.

If you get a GPS that has traffic, you’ll have a simple time putting in it since the GPS and also the FM receiver are matched once they arrive along within the box.

If you bought AN FM Traffic compatible unit while not the FM receiver (and associated subscription to the traffic service), you’ll have to be compelled to do some analysis if you would like to feature the traffic service to your GPS.

The best place to search out the data you wish for this is often on the Garmin web site. head to the Garmin home page. you’ll see a link on the highest left of the page, “On the Road”. Move your indicator over this link and a change posture box with seem. Click the link “Automotive” during this box. this may point out a page that lists all the present Garmin automotive GPS models.

On the highest left of this page ar many links, one in all which is able to be “Traffic Receivers”. Click this link and every one of the Garmin traffic receivers are going to be displayed. Note that there are some satellite receivers shown, however we’ll not address those during this article.

The basic variations between these traffic receivers ar the traffic service that they supply and also the style of plug on the wire that plugs into the GPS. to search out the FM traffic receiver for your Garmin Traffic GPS, click on the link to a selected receiver (Example: GTM(TM) 25 with life traffic). once the page hundreds, you’ll see some tabs across the page toward the lowest of the screen. after you click on the “Products” tab, a page can show all the Garmin GPS that are compatible with the FM traffic receiver.

Check to visualize if your GPS is enclosed and verify that the FM traffic service covers your space. The traffic service is provided by either Clear Channel Traffic Message Channel or NAVTEQ Traffic. alternative subscriptions could also be on the market below the “Accessories” tab (if displayed).

You should currently have the data you wish to create AN intelligent call regarding the way to add traffic capability to your Garmin traffic GPS.

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