The Evolution in Rice Processing Technology & Relative Equipment

India holds the reputation for growing the best quality of rice varieties like basmati etc. with a vast number of rice companies in India who handle the manufacturing, processing, cleaning and delivering of rice throughout the world. Since this is the staple diet for more than half of the population in the country, rice milling plants and agro-processing industries are on the rise to meet the demands of the growing population. The use of latest technology and high-profile machines have transformed the way rice processing and maintenance were done earlier. With the tons of paddy to be processed, the traditional methods are definitely a setback in this manufacturing & processing system. Being one of the oldest producers of rice, India’s rice processing methods have been going alteration for a long time.

With the country experiencing economic growth, it is apt to provide a stable supply that will adequately fit the fluctuating needs. The rice milling plants across the country, work with such towering techniques that meets the demand for today’s consumers congruously. These modern and automated rice milling machines have state-of-the-art infrastructure and machines that work tirelessly to coordinate with such conditions. These machines work diligently to maintain the quality and quantity of rice.

Take note of the various processing solutions undertaken by the rice milling industries.

  • Pre-Cleaning Solutions: This is a conditioning process that is performed prior to the beginning of any other process. This process is implemented to improve the longevity of grains and to upkeep the quality of the grains. Such a cleaning process would definitely ensure that the rice product comes out to be of distinct variety.
  • Drying Process: Drying and wet process is started with cleaned grains so that while drying there are no uneven wet spots remains on them. A certain level of moisture is maintained for the grains to remain perfect. Drying process could be implemented through various methods such as sun drying, field drying, in-store drying, batch drying etc. Today’s modern infrastructure uses a comprehensive system with column dryers and temperature bins to make the drying of grains a uniform process.
  • Conveying System: This is an extremely advanced engineering system where the rice grains are suspended in the conveying air and transported at low pressure and high velocity. These conveyor systems are designed in such a manner to ensure the transportation of grains without any breakage. All these elevators, trough chain conveyors or belt conveyors are built to ensure the sanitisation of the grains inside.
  • Storage Systems: The bulk material that passes the conveyor process are made to store in large Storage Bins that are entirely clean to keep the quality of the rice intact. The temperature or the humid conditions inside the Storage bins are continuously monitored and a digital weighing scale is used to check the weight of the bulk. These storage systems ensure complete protection against dust explosion.
  • Cleaning Solution: To maintain the quality of the grain to the best of the form and remove malformed, discoloured or broken grain from the lot, seed or grain cleaning is done to safeguard the grain quality, vitality and vigour. This is an important process that takes place to remove impurities such as wood, stones, straws, sand, glass etc. from the paddy. It is one of the most important processes that keeps the mill equipment safe from any such impurities. It is of various types that includes milling separators, de-stoners etc.
  • Hulling Solution:This is a process where the outer covering of rice i.e. the chaff is removed. This technique uses advanced huller that protects broken grain in retaining a full head to yield better productivity. Hulling is a hygienic operation in itself and focuses entirely on producing high-quality grains in full capacitive environment.
  • Whitening & Polishing Solution:This technique is performed to remove the bran from rice. This gives the rice structure an appetizing form that could be supplied to the markets worldwide. The milling industries uses numerous methods and rice whiteners to bring the shine to the grain surface. The main aim of this process is to deliver smoothest and shiniest grain for the consumers.
  • Grading Solution: The rice graders used in the rice milling industries are used to differentiate the sorts of rice into various size fractions and to separate the broken ones with a full head. The rice bulk are also categorized by their kernel size through these rice graders.
  • Sorting System:Optical sorting solution has been adopted by most of the major rice milling industries to deliver an efficient and high-quality variety with no remnant of discoloured, yellow or broken pieces in the package. The sorting system rejects the disfigured variety and chooses the best one with a minimum loss on grains. Optical sorting solution in these modern industries have resulted in bringing out the best assortment of rice to be consumed.

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