Excel is a Stepping Stone to Advanced Analytics

If you are asked that what the most essential analytics tools are, it is little likely that you will mention Excel. You may say that it is an age old accounting tool still in use because people are so familiar with it. Well, this is a misconception. What we need to realise that analysts are using Excel to great effect for a long time, and this is happening for a few specific reasons.

Excel for Analytics
Microsoft Excel is not is the best big data tool around. But it is capable of handling a fair bit of in house analytics. If you dig beyond the simple mathematical functionalities of Excel we will find functions that can actually make your life as an analyst easy.

Functions like VLOOKUP, LEN or CONCATENATE, TRIM, If, etc can help you sort through your database for actionable insights.

Excel to infer data
As a data analyst you may need to skim through customer data or transactional data. Building a pivot table in Excel can greatly help you to infer the generated data. It will help you answer questions regarding descriptive analysis of a particular business situation.

Excel has lets you clean up the unnecessary data very easily. This way you can get rid of the duplicate values.

Creating charts can help an analyst to infer and visualize the data. Excel offers visualisation functions which are decent though not mind blowing. It does the job most of the times.

Why do we ignore Excel?
Because we are mistaken about its capacity. We do not need to consider it as a great big data tool, in fact, it is not. Excel struggles to manage a very large amount of data. It is not built for high end analytics. But what it can do is give you a. Head start into the world of complex analytics tools.

R and Python are there for advanced analytics but undergoing advanced Excel training can be a strong platform for you.

A skill matters the most when it gets you a job. Excel skills will in fact make you a stronger candidate in most given situations.
Big data jobs are available aplenty in India but Excel training will definitely work in your favor.
Not only in the field of analytics but in any technical field of work Excel is pretty much needed. It is a software that has been around for 3 decades, it deserves a bit of your attention. And it will pay your efforts off.

Although analytics skills are highly valued and efficiently taught in the Indian NCR, Excel skills are highly underrated among Indian youngsters and it is not much likely that too many people will encourage you to take an advanced Excel training in Gurgaon. But if you can read the market and if you have been working in any field you must have realized that how Excel is embedded in the system. Learning can never do you harm.



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