Experience A Taste of Luxury with Farm Houses

Situated in a rural or agricultural setup, farm houses serve as a prime residence for those who want to spend their quality time in peace and tranquility. Their location as well as infrastructure is such that they lend a feeling of calmness on the settler. With the modernity taking a plunge and the expansion of commercialized buildings in the city, people are looking for some outlet that can provide them a moment of respite from their busy schedule. This has been the main reason why people today are investing more in buying farm houses that can be an ideal location for a weekend getaway.

Though the agricultural background remains the same, Farm houses are of different types:

  • Basic Farmhouses: These are the traditional farmhouses with big kitchens, living rooms, spacious bedrooms and porches with abundant greenery surrounding the structure. The farm houses are built in such a manner that offers an aesthetic appeal to the interior of the homes. The farm houses are generally built of wooden structure that gives a more natural view as compared to the steel and glass structure of today’ modern homes. The view of the house as well as the outer environment makes it an ideal location for a perfect holiday.
  • Greek farmhouses: These are of colossal structure that gives out the resemblance of Greek architecture with the columns situated at the front of the house. The structure is composed of multiple windows and palatial doors that gives an aesthetic sense to the house.
  • Plantation farmhouses: These are a large structure with an exquisite architecture. The designs are mostly descended from the ancient times that have surrounding porches from both directions. These farm houses bring out the inspirational designs from Greeks or Romans onto their construction.
  • Cracker farmhouses: Existent from the 19th century, cracker houses are termed so because they were referred to the people who worked with cattle in the 1800s and 1900s. These are the smallest of all types of farm houses prevalent these days. The setting is simple and consists of a metal roof. These houses are based on the concepts of energy efficiency and has wide ventilation and windows that takes the advantage of cross breezes to keep the interior cool.
  • Victorian farmhouses: These conventional homes that are prevalent in the society since 1900s, have a diversified elegance that can take your breath away with its vast rolling fields and gigantic composition. These balconies or porches are adorned with intricate designs and the entire interior is wood based. The rooms have a cosy look and provides a soothing picturesque for the viewer.

With such varied farmhouses in existence, it must be having some real benefits over the human kind. Let’s have a look at those advantages.

  • The vast lands and greenery surrounding a farm house provides a greater degree of freedom for the person to explore and relish in it. The guests of the farmhouse can take part in any adventure sports or simply bask in the flora of the location.
  • Farm house for rent are available to a family or group of friends where they can spend their quality time in leisure and be in close proximity to the nature. A short weekend or holiday can rejuvenate your senses and bring more energy to your body, mind and soul. You can even take part in various agricultural activities to calm your jittery nerves and can take part in something different from your otherwise busy schedule.
  • Farm houses these days are used as a venue for various events like birthday parties, anniversary parties, corporate parties, bachelorette parties etc. Their secluded locations and vast area makes them a perfect site to organize such events. The trend of organising such events have been going for a long time and with the number of bookings made, it will definitely be a hotspot for the people.
  • The pollution of the cities sometimes befalls on your health and you need an interlude to revive. Farm houses provides you with that break easily. With a rural backdrop and smoke-free surrounding, farm houses can provide you with the best scenery and condition where you can bring up the level of your health easily.
  • Spending time at farm houses are an affordable trip than others. Planning a trip to some beach or hill station may cost you the charges of travelling or staying for some exorbitant amount which seams a lot when compared to some of the best farmhouses in Noida, Gurgaon and various other location.

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