Extend Your Home with Period Home Extensions

Everyone wants to have a spacious, beautiful and big house to live happily. It is a dream come true to have such space for living. But it is not possible for everyone to build such house. If you are feeling that your house is not spacious enough and small and you are not able to adjust in that space, you can extend your home with period home extensions.

What is an Extension:

The extension is the enlargement of the space of the house by using the lawn area or surroundings of the house if you have a lawn or free space around your house. It is very difficult to do the extension work on your own. You must hire a professional to undertake the work of period home extensions. The extension works which is done periodically is a period home extension.

Types of Period Home Extensions:

There are different types of extensions which are mentioned below:

1. Single Storey Side or Rear Extensions: Single storey side or rear extensions are famous and are common types to be used for the extension purpose. Inevitably every house has a garden in the rear and this type of extension exploits this fact. In other words, you must lose some part of your garden for period home extensions. There are many designs available for you to choose as per your taste.

2. Double or Multi-storey Extensions: Double or multi-storey extensions are used to extend both the ground floor and other floors. As per the requirement, you can enlarge the rooms or create new ones. If you opt for these extensions, transformations will be higher. The extension should match the existing house decor, windows, doors, and roofs. This should not affect or cause any problem to the neighboring houses

3. Garage Extensions: Garages are used to keep your vehicles in it. You can use it to extend you house too if you don’t want to lose your garden’s space for extension. Garage extension is done to convert it in to a living room or kitchen or gym or kids’ playroom. If your garage is attached to house its easy to convert it. But if it is a detached one, you might need some permission to complete the conversion.

4. Wrap-around Extensions: Wrap around extension is a mix of both rear and side returns extension and is used to convert most of the possible space. It is mainly used to extend the kitchen or kitchen plus dining along with living rooms or to enlarge individual rooms. Through this method, you can get maximum space to enlarge your home and alter it according to your style and needs.

5. Rear and Side Return Extension: A rear and side return extension extends your home through the alley of your house and back of the house. It is a small extension with a good effect on look and feel of your house. It is a good option to enlarge your kitchen space or living room. This option will be more effective when used with single storey extension.

6. Conservatory Extension and Orangeries: Conservatory extension and orangeries is a very good option for a greenhouse or for an entertainment place or to grow citrus fruits. You have to change at least 75% of the roof material with glass and other materials preferable for this extension.

7. Loft Extension: Loft Extension is used to convert the attic place in to the livable room. It is an easy process as the structure is existing and you need to make few changes to that. The house with or without an attic place can be converted for this option of period home extensions. You must make some changes to the roof to create the space for this extension if there is no attic place.

Regardless of what option you choose, you need to ensure that it is the one that is practical and will benefit you for a longtime.

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