Factors to consider when choosing a diamond lotus pendant

Factors to consider when choosing a diamond lotus pendant

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Diamond Lotus Pendants can be quite popular. However, they can be one of the most difficult pieces of jewelry that you will ever have to choose. Let us look at some of the key factors that you will need to consider when choosing these jewelry pieces.


You will need to determine the kind of shape that you would like the pendant to be. This will depend on your personal choice but you need to be aware of the way your shape will affect other characteristics of a pedant. You should bear in mind that the pendant’s shape is what will determine the cut where the center diamond will be mounted. The setting choice will be affected by the cut of the stone. You will want a setting that is the right one for it and one that will ensure that the diamond is held securely in place.


The choice of a metal for a pedant will also depend on what you would prefer. However, you should bear in mind that not all metals are created equal in terms of durability. For instance, the yellow gold is usually softer as compared to the white gold but it is less durable as compared to the platinum. Therefore if you need a setting that doesn’t wear out fast, you may want to choose a pendant that is made with the metals that are more durable. If you want the yellow gold, you should choose the ones with lower karats. The gold that has higher karats is usually softer and purer. On the other hand, the lower karat is an indication that the gold has higher amounts of non-gold, making it to be more difficult.

Determine the setting of the diamond lotus pendant

On top of the shape, there are other factors that can affect the setting. These may include durability of the setting, diamond visibility, and the general safety. There are certain kinds of settings that leave more of the stone visible. These are a perfect choice if you would like to show off your diamond lotus pendant. For instance, the prong settings can be quite popular. However, the prongs have a downside is that they are less safe as they can bends or break easily. This is particularly the case when these are made of the soft metals.  If you are concerned about your safety, you can consider a bezel setting.

Choosing the diamond quality in the pendant

The quality level that you will choose for a diamond will depend on your preferences and budget. Some of the key characteristics of a diamond are cut, clarity, color and the carat weight. A stone that is well-cut will contain more brilliance and this can help to mask some of the natural flaws that may be visible or even the color tint of the diamond.

Size of the diamond lotus pendant

The pendant’s size is also among the key considerations. You will need to ensure that the piece isn’t so small that it may end up being barely visible. On the other hand, it should not be too big as this may end up overpowering everything else in your outfit.

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