Famous Cuisines of Goa that you must try

Do you wish to experience the perfect fusion of east and west in customs, culture and cuisine? If so, then you must visit Goa this holiday season to explore different types of cuisines in this state. When it comes to food in Goa, there is an array of options which you can try right from sea food, south Indian food, and north Indian food, Goa food to continental and other different types of cuisines. However, Goan dishes are unsurpassed, particularly foods that are cooked in traditional way in clay pots on firewood. While your stay in resorts in North Goa, you can definitely try some of the Goan food out in the local market as well.

Here is a list of the most popular Goan Cuisine that you must try during your visit:

Bebinca Legendary Sweet of Goa

Bebinca is the most delectable and legendary sweet of Goa. The legendary dessert is a multilateral cake specially prepared from ingredients like egg, coconut milk, sugar and ghee. The cake designs are undoubtedly very amazing. The best thing is that another layer is added to cake after the first layer is being cooked and roasted. That is the reason why it takes some quality time to prepare this cake. During your stay in resorts in North Goa at the time of Christmas this time, definitely try this delicious sweet.

AmbotTik Sour and Spicy

As per the local languages, Ambot stands for spur and tik means zesty. In this way, it is to some extent tangy and spicy. In addition, it is mouth-watering gravy dish made with the use of dried red chilies, peppercorns and tamarind. The fish used is normally shark or catfish and it savours great with plain steamed or poached rice. This is another best dish that you should actually add to your list.

Crab XecXecA

Goa is famous among the tourists because of the delicious seafood served here. Crab XecXec is a curry prepared from grounded coconut, coriander and dry mixed roasted spices into which crab meat is added. The thick coconut gravy dish is often served with rice or bread.

Fish Curry Rice

Fish curry and rice is the most common food that is served in Goa, yet it has got its own speciality. Did you know that fish curry rice is known as xittcoddi in Konkani language? It is yellowish-red in color because of the use of chilies and turmeric. The flavoursome and spicy dish can be broiled with different types of fishes. Well, Mackerel is one of the favorites among the visitors. The dish is served along with steamed white rice and is the traditional Goan meal.

Chicken Cafreal Hot and Spicy dish

This is a special Goan Food which is spicy chicken cooked with use of coriander, lime, green chilies, peppercorns, and mint. All these ingridents are blended very well together. Rest you can choose among two options that is pan roasted or oven cooked. It goes without saying that this is definitely Goa’s one of the best cuisines that one should never ever should miss during their visit in this land of beaches.

In the nutshell:

Come and savor different varieties of Goan cuisines during your visit to Goa this holiday season. For booking rooms in resorts in North Goa, visit our website or call us at 0832 671 3333

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