Famous places of worship in Mussoorie

places of worship in Mussoorie

The lush green hills, the varied flora and fauna and royal view of the Shivalik ranges and Doon Valley magnetize thousands of tourists to Mussoorie every single year. The hill station is popular not only for the picturesque beauty but it has also grown into a vital centre of both education and business.

Apart from business and beauty, Mussoorie also houses some phenomenal spiritual destinations. So, if you want to experience a wholesome trip in Mussoorie, just book your rooms in the best hotels in Mussoorie and enjoy! To excite you more, for now, have a look at a few spiritual destinations of Mussoorie.

Tibetan Buddhist

If you really want to taste the spiritual extensiveness of Mussoorie then you must not miss to visit the beautiful Tibetan Buddhist Shrine. The temple is nestled in the Happy Valley and has outstanding views of delightful valleys and regal mountains that surround this primeval hill station.

The temple is a mixture of gust of colours and has magnificent walls and flowering blooms in various shades. The entire air here is packed with peace and calmness. The prevalence of spirituality in the middle of fresh natural charm is sublime. Once you visit this temple, you not just get blessings but beautiful surroundings too. You can have a good time at this spiritual spot.

Jwalaji Temple

Jwalaji Temple is located at a distance of about nine kilometres from Mussoorie. The shrine is situated at a height of around 2,240 meters above the sea level. The place enshrines an ages old idol of Hindu religion Goddess Durga who is the spirit of premium prettiness and deadly power in Hindu tradition.

The shrine is gorgeously built in white and caters a royal view. The shrine is encircled by charming sites and outstanding ambience. The lush green forests and pretty vistas bestow this shrine with huge glory. Both the pilgrims and tourists visit this temple in a big number to seek the blessings of MaaDurga. The temple and its surroundings will not leave you disappointed. So, don’t forget to have a glimpse of this beautiful and blissful temple once you are in Mussoorie.

Christ Church

The beautiful Christ Church has been considered to be the eldest church in this whole Himalayan region. It was constructed in the year eighteen thirty-six by the British. This church has a brilliant Gothic chic architecture. The gorgeous pre-Raphaelite stained-glass windows, showcasing the life events of Jesus Christ fascinates everybody. Tourists who visit Mussoorie never miss out to visit this Church. So, whether you are Christian or not, you must visit this holy spot.

Thus, just check out some cheap hotels in Mussoorie and book your rooms in a suitable one. After all, you cannot taste the richness of Mussoorie within a day and you have to stay there for at least one night or so. There are a lot of places to visit in India but don’t forget, this hill station is one of the most cherished and celebrated areas amidst tourists. And who knows you too fall in love with this hill station once you visit the majestic spots scattered on its land.

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