What features does unlocking Samsung Galaxy S5 give?

Samsung Galaxy S5

We live in this age where people are more immersed in their devices, more than ever before. This partly due to the fact that internet connectivity is widely accessible and smartphones today pack more power in the palm of one’s hand, than the computing power required on moon missions.

Manufacturers such as Samsung make some of the most polished and powerful devices in the world. Their Galaxy line of devices is perhaps the highest sold smartphones ever. Among these, the Galaxy S5 was a device which came with a host of great features. It came with a class-leading camera, fingerprint sensor, heart rate monitor, a crisp display, and most importantly the most powerful processor at the time. All of these features made the phone the device to buy when it launched. There was, however, one catch, the pricing. Being a premium smartphone, the Galaxy S5 came with a hefty price tag, which meant a majority of customers would be hesitant to drop that kind of money on a smartphone.

Luckily there was the option of picking the phone up on contract, which meant that you need not pay the full price of the smartphone and instead you could simply get it for a monthly payment scheme. This sounds good in theory and a lot of people bought into this idea of keeping the economic efficiency in mind. But the biggest flaw of buying smartphones on contract is the fact that you will be stuck on the same carrier even after finishing the term.

How can unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S5 benefit you?

The obvious process after the completion of your smartphone contract is to ‘unlock’ the device. When you get a smartphone from a carrier, usually the phone is only usable on the carrier network. This is a lock put in place by the service provider and you cannot physically remove it. An Android device has many ways to get rid of this lock, the most popular one being the unlock code method.

Here you will need certain details of your smartphone to get it unlocked. These are information such as device number, IMEI number, country of manufacture, and network information. All these are necessary to acquire a code which is unique to your smartphone. With this code, you can use a website or a service which can enter it to bypass the lock put by your network provider.

The whole process takes around a few minutes and you can now simply use any sim card or switch to any network with ease. By unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, you are opening it up to a whole new world of opportunity. One where you can travel without being bothered about network availability or signal strength, or one where you can switch up networks and plans as per your preference. Another advantage you get is that you are able to re-sell your phone for a higher price, as the unlocking process enables it to be used by anyone, anywhere on the globe.  

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