Fighting Pain After an Amputation – A New Way to Numb the Pain

Fighting Pain

“Phantom pain” is one of the fastest growing chronic neuropathic conditions that people suffer from. Many millions of amputees across the world have to live daily with the effects and interruptions that it causes in their daily lives.

This pain is caused by damage to nerves where the limb was amputated. The brain is found to continue creating and sending these signals to the brain, which causes immense discomfort. Sufferers are now turning to certain cannabis strains as an alternative to surgery to help reduce their symptoms.

Sufferers have to put up with symptoms such as itching, pressure, burning, and twisting at their stump. Some only experience this pain at certain points of the day, but others have to live with it all the time. Many pre-existing treatments produce side effects, so this is why sufferers are turning to cannabis which doesn’t have any side effects.

So, what strains are known to offer some form of benefit to sufferers?


Harlequin is normally my recommended strain for phantom pain sufferers. It has a low psychoactive THC concentration compared to other strains. The CBD concentration of Harlequin is high (around 11%), so this is a great strain to try for people who don’t want a psychoactive effect by getting high. Many people also positively comment on the taste of the strain, thanks to its unique sweet fruity flavor.

Green Crack

Yes, the name may be quite scary, but don’t let this put you off. This strain is known to be effective for phantom limb pain too and users have noticed reduced pain as a result of using it on a regular basis. Other benefits of the strain include increasing focus, and other people say that it is able to help with clarity of mind.

Tora Bora

This name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? And yes, you’d be right. Tora Bora is the name of the caves in Afghanistan. This indicia (99%)strain is from the region it gets its name from. It is a cross between Pakistani X18 and LA Confidential. Beware though, the Tora Bora strain has a THC concentration of around 20%.

For those of you with phantom limb pain, Tora Bora could be the strain for you. You will straight away notice the uplifting cerebral sensation. This is the perfect strain to take before bed. It is used mostly by people who have trouble sleeping, so if you are kept away at night because of your pain, give this strain a try. People have also found relief from muscle spasms and chronic pain with this strain. Many users have reported being asleep just a few minutes after putting their head to their pillow. This is how effective the strain is for some.

If you are looking for more recommendations on what strains to try, we would recommend that you go and visit your local dispensary, who will be able to recommend strains. It is possible to search for your nearest location.

Have you used cannabis for phantom limb pain? If so, let us know!

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