Credit Card is a kind of plastic money that helps the people in paying for the goods and services consumed, without spending the cash. The amount is paid from the bank side on behalf of the cardholder which he has to repay monthly by the bill due date.

On this credit facility, the customer doesn’t has to pay any interest until the free credit period. Afterwards the interest is charged on the outstanding credit amount. The cardholder can spend up to the maximum limit permissible by the issuing company. Also, the customer using the plastic money can avail the benefit of exciting offers. The user can get free movie vouchers, discount on shopping, dining and many other such privileges.  

credit card online

There are ample benefits of using credit card. The customer doesn’t has to wait for the salary to manage his expenses at the month end and can fulfill all his wishes. It makes is easy for the customer to manage his/her extra expense and pay for it later without incurring any extra cost.

It makes life simple and hectic free. It is easy to carry the card instead of funds and track the record of every spend we make. The customer has the chance to earn back on the spent and even the bill amount is reduced on making the spent of specified amount.

But the concern is who can reap the benefits. The card is issued only to the eligible candidates. The eligible candidates can apply for the card online as well from the comfort of house.

How to Apply for Credit Card Online

You can apply for credit card through the facility of Net Banking. The entire process is easier, quicker and convenient for any customer. You have to do nothing but simply follow the steps given under-

  • You will have to first login to Net Banking website. You need to mention the customer ID which you when you opened an account with the bank.
  • You will then have to click on the section of credit cards
  • Then you will have to simply follow the steps and this will take you to the application procedure
  • After that, you will have to fill up the application form. You are required to enter details like your full name, address,  net monthly income, date of birth, employer’s name etc.
  • The site will show you the list of all available options depending on your profile
  • You can then examine and thoroughly check the benefits, features annual charges, and joining fees of each card
  • Finally, you will have to choose a card that meets your requirement

How to Pay Bill Online

Through net banking- you have to follow 4 simple steps:

  1. Select your bank
  2. Provide the details of your credit card
  3. Confirm payment amount and make payment
  4. Receive online confirmation of the payment
Important things to know about the Bill
  • Credit Card Number-  it is the number imprinted on the Credit Card and is also mentioned on the bill.
  • Summary of Account- All the purchases made by you using the credit card in past one month is mentioned. Also, the details of where and how much the user have swiped are also mentioned.
  • Payment due- The amount of payment due for the current month is mentioned in the credit card bill, also if any previous payment is due then it comes under Balance payment.
  • Minimum Amount Due- it is mentioned in the bill which is the minimum amount that can be paid for now if the user is unable to pay the entire amount. The remaining amount then transfers to the next bill and comes under balance payment. On such amount, the interest rate is charged as well.
  • Available Credit limit- it is the remaining credit amount of your credit card so that you can use it further. It is the total credit available to you subtracted by the credit used.
  • Applicable Interest Rate- the interest rate is charged if you have only paid the minimum amount due. The remaining amount will be carry forwarded to the next bill and interest will be charged.
  • Payment due date- It is the date up to which the user can make the payment. If the payment date is missed then the interest rate will be charged.

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